• Poking Pig Manure Into Soil Pays Off Big

    Tabitha Goodling, Central Pennsylvania Correspondent

    BLAIN, Pa. — Virgil E. Gutshall Sr. has allowed the family hog farm to be a guinea pig of sorts for hog farmers everywhere who want to use swine manure as injected fertilizer and do away with liquid nitrogen costs.

    The Gutshall farm in Blain, Perry County, has been in the family for more than ...  Full Story

  • Mount Joy Co-op Adapts to Dairy Abundance

    Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade, Special Sections Editor

    EPHRATA, Pa. — Mount Joy Farmers Cooperative tackled the elephant in the room Monday at its annual meeting. Milk prices are in a down cycle.

    Brad Keating, senior vice president for the Northeast region for Dairy Farmers of America, told the group at the Martindale Mennonite Reception Center, ...  Full Story

  • Ducks Increasing in Popularity for Small-Scale Farmers

    Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade, Special Sections Editor

    Raising ducks for meat production has become a popular option for some small-scale farmers.

    Thanks to some changes in food safety laws in her state, small growers are now able to market directly to restaurants, said Dorothy Perkins, an Extension field specialist with the University of New Hampshire ...  Full Story

  • Brassicas Can Give Forages a Kick

    Philip Gruber, Staff Writer

    LEBANON, Pa. — Feeding kale to your cattle might not turn them into foodies, but it will boost their productivity.

    Kale, rapeseed (canola), radishes, turnips, rutabagas and mustard are all brassicas, a group of plants with an energy content approaching corn silage — supercharged for for ...  Full Story

  • How to Deal with Damage from Deer

    Philip Gruber, Staff Writer

    HERSHEY, Pa. — Acts of nature can ruin a crop. So, too, can acts of Bambi.

    Deer will browse everything from trees to grain to vegetables, munching farmers’ profits in the process.

    Some Maryland farmland is effectively being lost to production because deer damage is so great, said Jonatha ...  Full Story

  • Whitehill Farmer Teaches Garlic Production, Value Added Products

    Guy Steucek N.H. Correspondent

    EAST WILTON, Maine. — Field workers at Whitehill Farm are welcome to enjoy a pickled cucumber any time they wish, with one condition: they have to restock the larder before the end of the season. Maine farmer Amy LeBlanc uses this crafty way to get her workers to learn how to make pickles, and ...  Full Story

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Alpacas made their first appearance at the Pa. Farm Show in 2016. Twenty-four 4-H'ers competed in obstacle and showmanship contests, while others demonstrated how to work with alpaca fiber, aka fleece.
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