• Thrillers, Spillers and Fillers: Penn State Flower Trials Test the Best

    Nicole Herman, Reporter

    MANHEIM, Pa. — Plenty of “flower power” showed up at last week’s Flower Trial Field Day, where not only was there plenty of color and diversity amongst the blooms, but also among the 295 attendees.

    Everyone from plant propagators to nursery owners to experienced gardeners to ...  Full Story

  • Cotton Continues to Fall Out of Favor With Virginia Farmers

    Linda McNatt, Va./N.C. Correspondent

    ISLE OF WIGHT, Va. — Cotton has an interesting history in the Old Dominion. It was historically one of the biggest cash crops in Virginia until about 1960, when farmers frowned on fighting the dreaded boll weevil, an insect that can devastate an entire cotton crop in no time.

    That’s whe ...  Full Story

  • Tour Offers Rare Glimpse Into Growing Tree Seedlings

    Paul Post, New York Correspondent

    SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — Christmas tree growers recently got a rare behind-the-scenes look at the only state-run tree nursery in New York.

    About two-dozen people attending the Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York annual summer conference toured Saratoga Tree Nursery on July 16. The ...  Full Story

  • Preserving History, One Old Board at a Time

    Dick Wanner, Reporter

    MANHEIM, Pa. — Daniel Dennis has history stacked in his modest workshop here in a part of Lancaster County, Pa., known as Sporting Hill. The history is bound up in lumber that Dennis has salvaged from old barns and houses that were torn down around the county. Many of the structures were old e ...  Full Story

  • Farmers Get the Scoop on Manure Spill Cleanups

    Jeffrey B. Roth, South-Central Pa. Correspondent

    CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Developing an emergency response plan for accidental discharges of manure is the best way to contain the spill before it gets into streams, creeks or ground water.

    Kevin Erb, a training coordinator with the University of Wisconsin Extension, presented a manure spill demonst ...  Full Story

  • Late Blight Found in Erie County Potatoes

    Philip Gruber, Staff Writer

    Late blight has been found in potatoes in Erie County, the first documented case of the disease in Pennsylvania this year.

    The disease, one of the most devastating for tomatoes and potatoes, was confirmed on July 15.

    That is the latest in the year that late blight has first been reported in the stat ...  Full Story

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Dairy Builds ‘Sustainable’ Model With Farm to Fork
Charlene M.
Shupp Espenshade
Special Sections Editor
LITITZ, Pa. — Oregon Dairy
could be called the epitome of the
farm-to-fork movement. People can
relax on the deck of its restaurant
with a view of its heifers out in the
pastures ... Dairy Builds ‘Sustainable’ Model With ...

Deanna Jak Farms' show-winning Herefords started out as 4-H projects for the Howe family's children. Deanna Jak Farms' show-winning Herefords started o ...

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