• Nursery Tour Uncovers Insect Friends, Foes

    Philip Gruber Staff Writer

    EAST EARL, Pa. — From algaelike bacteria to grubs to big, benign wasps, nurseries are home to many species.

    Developing a cost-effective, responsible pest management program requires knowing which ones are helpful, only minor concerns or truly devastating.

    Tim Abbey, a Penn State Extension ed ...  Full Story

  • Book to Capture Farm Show History

    Philip Gruber Staff Writer

    Put together an exhibition representing all of Pennsylvania agriculture every year for a century, and there are bound to be some stories to be told.

    The 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show will be held in 2016, and a longtime journalist is working on a book about the state’s yearly ag institution.

    ...  Full Story

  • Certified Angus Part of Family’s Long Cattle-Feeding Tradition

    Philip Gruber Staff Writer

    CONESTOGA, Pa. — On a 100-acre farm a few miles from Lancaster, Pa., Karl and Elma Hess operate one of two Certified Angus Beef feedlots in Pennsylvania, one of three east of the Mississippi.

    “Cattle feeding has been part of our family’s operations for over a century,” Karl H ...  Full Story

  • Change Brings 'Nontraditional' Dairy Educator to Indiana County

    Jessica Rose Spangler Reporter

    INDIANA, Pa. — It’s no secret that a lot of dairy farmers avoid change like the plague — whether it’s changing what crops they grow, the way they raise cows, the farm’s ownership or even allowing expansion.

    But, as Winston Churchill once said, “There is nothing pe ...  Full Story

  • Field Day Shows Grazing’s Benefits, Whether Dairy or Beef

    Carol Ann Gregg Western Pa. Correspondent

    TRANSFER, Pa. — Participants in the Northwest Project Grass Grazing Field Day got a break in the rainy weather with blue skies and moderate temperatures — not a typical July day.

    Held on two neighboring farms, the field day provided hands-on experience with the use of grazing systems wit ...  Full Story

  • Milk Prices Softening, But Margins Still Good

    Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade Special Sections Editor

    While milk prices are still strong — almost $4 per hundredweight higher than a year ago — they have softened from their springtime highs.

    It’s why in this month’s Protecting Your Profits call, Alan Zepp, risk-management specialist for the Center for Dairy Excellence, said fa ...  Full Story

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