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Every dairywoman out there knows that problems are simply part of a normal day. And the severity of the problem can go from simply breaking a fingernail to getting the tractor stuck in the mud while harvesting corn – and sometimes even worse.

Started as a Twitter account, the site http://twitter.com/dairygirlprobs has some of the following postings from its followers:

  • “At home: wish I didn’t have to do chores. At school: wish I could be doing chores instead of this.”

  • “A 15 minutes shower doesn’t get rid of the barn smell infused into your hair and skin.”

  • “You opt to drink water instead of milk ONE TIME and your family threatens to disown you.”

  • “Your arms are too muscular to fit into shirts that fit the rest of your body.”

  • “You think you smell just fine when your friends tell you that you smell like a barn.”

To help celebrate dairywomen and all the figurative - and literal - crap we deal with each and every day, the folks at Progressive Dairyman plan to devote some space in its upcoming Women in Dairy section to this topic.

Emily Caldwell at Progressive Dairyman is collecting comments, tweets and Facebook posts (emily@progressivepublish.com).

One of her first comments came from Green Valley Dairy: “Taking your kids to school because you missed the bus because of a cow calving only to walk into the building and realize you still have your barn clothes on … muck boots included, afterbirth down your pants for free! Oops!”

My contribution: “Having heifer calves is awesome, but not when you have no more hutches to put them in. Solution: transform the 10'x10' dog kennel plus EZ Canopy into a new calf pen. Problem: your son wants to stay in his new playpen and cover himself in sawdust.”

I know I’m looking forward to reading what other dairywomen go through.

~ Jessica Rose Spangler, market editor

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