NYC female athletes refuel with chocolate milk

3/15/2014 7:00 AM


Photos courtesy of American Dairy Association and Dairy Council Inc.

Donald Douglas, executive director of the NYC PSAL, joins female athletes at the annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day celebration sponsored by the American Dairy Association.


Brenda Morgan, left, PSAL coordinator, is pictured here with National Girls and Women in Sports Day panelists. From left are China Jude, assistant vice president of athletics at Queens College; Kym Hampton, former WNBA star; Tara Ostrowe, N.Y. Giants’ team nutritionist; and Dr. Suzy Ort, assistant vice president and athletic director at Harlem Pride.<\c>

NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. — On Feb. 10, the American Dairy Association sponsored a dinner and panel discussion at Madison Square Garden in New York City for hundreds of female athletes in honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

Each year, the New York City Public School Athletic League gathers top female athletes to celebrate their achievements and share advice from experts on how they can improve their performance. This year, more than 150 high school girls participating in various sports from wrestling to golf, attended a dinner at Madison Square Garden followed by a panel discussion featuring professionals from the fields of nutrition, education and professional sports. On behalf of the American Dairy Association, panelist Tara Ostrowe, team dietitian for the N.Y. Giants, shared nutrition tips including refueling after sports with chocolate milk.

Ostrowe provided nutrition advice for pre and post physical activity and spoke about the importance of dairy foods in an athlete’s diet. Answering questions about the best foods to eat after sports, Ostrowe recommended dairy foods including low-fat chocolate milk, yogurt and dairy-based shakes because they provide high quality protein.

Ostrowe explained that muscles need protein for recovery and growth, and the best time to deliver protein is within 30 minutes after exercise. The protein gives muscles the fuel and the building blocks needed for both repair and for growth. Reinforcing the “Refuel with Chocolate Milk Message,” the American Dairy Association provided Refuel with Chocolate Milk t-shirts to all of the athletes.

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