New Calf Hutch Featured at Farmer Boy Ag

4/6/2013 7:00 AM

MYERSTOWN, Pa. — Farmer Boy Ag has announced the addition of the Calf-Tel ECO Calf Hutch, which provides a space-saving, economical solution for larger dairy and calf raising facilities.

Calf-Tel’s new ECO hutch is 22 percent smaller than the Pro and Deluxe models, which saves on space, cost and labor. It requires only about 23 square feet of space and is the only thermoformed, completely opaque hutch designed to meet all of the fundamental calf raising requirements.

Prior to its release, many farmers resorted to wood housing to save space, which posed significant bio-security challenges. The ECO hutch eliminates these issues. It is designed for calves to seek their own ideal environment — whether that is in the sun near the entryway or in the shade near the rear of the hutch.

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