Penn Cheese Medals at U.S. Cheese Championship

5/18/2013 7:00 AM

Penn Cheese entered the 2013 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest, sponsored by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association. The judging took place March 12-13 in Madison, Wis.

The competition is broken into different categories for the different types of cheese and butter. The two categories Penn Cheese entered were Rindless Swiss Cheese and Baby Swiss Style.

In the Rindless Swiss Cheese class, Penn Cheese scored of 99.05 out of 100. The first place entry scored 99.50.

In the Baby Swiss Style category, Penn Cheese earned third with a score of 98.95 out of 100. The second place cheese scored 99.10, and first place received a score of 99.20.

As evidenced by the close scores, the competition is very tough and the quality is very high among the top ranks of United States cheese makers. The entire competition had 82 different categories with more than 1,800 entries total.

The two categories that Penn Cheese entered had competitors from Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, California and Pennsylvania.

A full list of results can be found results?event=56&eventClass=340

Most of the cheese sold is under private label, but Penn Cheese also markets under their own “Pennsylvania People” and “Winfield Valley” brands as well. They are located in Winfield, Union County, Pa.

Source: Penn Cheese.

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