Pioneer Develops 45 New Seed Varieties for Northeast

1/5/2013 7:00 AM

DELAWARE, Ohio — In the Northeast U.S., DuPont Pioneer is bringing new corn and soybean products to market.

“We are excited to introduce these new hybrids and varieties to growers in our region that bring even higher yield potential and stronger agronomic traits than current products,” said Randy Minton, business director for the company’s Northeast business unit.

Thirty new high-performing corn hybrids ranging from 80-120 CRM will be in fields across the Northeast during the 2013 growing season.

Included in this new class of products, 23 are integrated refuge products that offer growers a single bag solution for refuge management in the Corn Belt while maintaining trait durability.

Five new Optimum AQUAmax hybrids will also be available to offer growers additional choices deliver a yield advantage in water-limited environments and top-end yield potential under more favorable growing conditions. This class also brings forth enhanced non-GMO offerings.

Fifteen new high-performing Pioneer brand soybean varieties with the Roundup Ready trait have also been introduced ranging from group 05 to 4.9.

Fourteen of these products have soybean cyst nematode resistance. Of these 14, two carry the Peking source of resistance, which offers a high level of protection against race one soybean cyst nematode. Twelve varieties carry a major phytophthora root rot gene.

Additionally, Pioneer is offering growers new sulfonylurea tolerant Roundup Ready soybeans, which are particularly important for farmers in the Delmarva region who also plant wheat and barley, and use sulfonylurea herbicides.

“For growers in a wheat/barley and double-crop soybean rotation, herbicide application options would be limited by soybean re-crop restrictions associated with certain sulfonylurea herbicides,” said Jerron Schmoll, technical services manager for the company’s Northeast business unit. “These new RR/STS varieties expand farmers’ herbicide options so that they can improve weed control and still plant a high yielding sulfonylurea-tolerant variety in their double-crop rotation.”

For growers looking to make an impact on consumer demands for healthier oils, new Plenish high-oleic soybean varieties are coming to market. These varieties will enhance the current class of high-performing Plenish high-oleic varieties that farmers in Ohio and Michigan are growing.

These new products were all brought to market through on-farm testing in Pioneer trials, which are planted and evaluated on local growers’ farms to ensure product performance and local adaptation.

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