All-American Dairy Foundation Launches Website

2/16/2013 7:00 AM

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The All-American Dairy Foundation announced the launch of, a website dedicated to educating and promoting the efforts of the non-profit foundation that supports the All-American Dairy Show.

“We hope this (new website) will be a great way to connect with All-American Dairy Show supporters throughout the year,” said All-American Dairy Foundation Executive Director and web editor Bob Heilman.

The website features information about the All-American Dairy Foundation board of directors and committees, as well as news releases about foundation activities. Results from the 2012 All-American Dairy Show and photos from the shows are also available on the site.

“We are particularly pleased about the section with the Arthur W. Nesbitt All-American Dairy Foundation Scholarship Award,” Heilman said. “Interested applicants can access the complete list of rules and application materials.”

Additional online dairy industry resources are located on the site, with links to numerous dairy breed associations related dairy show opportunities and industry publications.

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