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3/1/2013 2:00 PM
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TUSCALOOSA — Members of Congress are visiting the University of Alabama to see the place where former Gov. George C. Wallace made his "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door" against racial integration 50 years ago. The leaders will be in Tuscaloosa on Friday for commemoration program. The event will held at the auditorium where Wallace tried to block the enrollment of black students at Alabama in 1963. Among those greeting the delegation will be a daughter of Wallace, Peggy Wallace Kennedy. Jay Reeves.


MONTGOMERY — The Alabama Supreme Court said Friday the gambling machines seized from VictoryLand casino don't resemble the game of bingo and are probably illegal slots. The court based its opinion on an undercover surveillance video of the games and information supplied by an investigator for the state attorney general. "This decision should end the debate on whether so-called 'electronic bingo' is illegal," Attorney General Luther Strange said. Phillip Rawls


MONTGOMERY — Alabama's Republican governor and legislative leaders ran over their education allies when they pushed through legislation Thursday providing state tax credits for attending private schools. Republicans in the Legislature added the credits to a school flexibility bill and passed it along party lines Thursday night. State school Superintendent Tommy Bice said he wasn't consulted about the changes and the bill wasn't what he had agreed to support. Phillip Rawls


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Canadian apparel company has reached a $1 million settlement with Russell Brands and Fruit of the Loom in the relabeling and resale of Jerzees brand sportswear at stores in at least three states, including Alabama . The agreement ends a dispute between Gildan Activewear Inc., based in Montreal, and the two Bowling Green, Ky.-based companies. Under the terms of the agreement, Gildan must stop removing or altering Jerzees labels and tags and must destroy any stock of the sportswear. Gildan Activewear will also pay $50,000 in attorney's fees for the two companies. Gildan spokesman Peter Iliopoulos says the company offered the settlement to end the litigation and did not admit any wrongdoing. By Brett Barrouquere



ANNISTON, Ala. — Keeping bees at homes within the city limits of Anniston is unlawful according to city code, but Sarah Cavender would like to see that change. Cavender, owner of the Oxford jewelry shop Sarah Cavender Metalworks, enjoys gardening when she's not traveling the country attending jewelry conventions. In proper seasons, the backyard of her Anniston home on Glenwood Terrace is dotted with kale, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms and wildflowers. The bees, she said, would help pollinate her garden in addition to providing honey for personal use. After attending a recent meeting of the Northeast Alabama Beekeepers Association, she and a group of friends have begun working to research and raise awareness about the benefits of city beekeeping.

By Eddie Burkhalter. The Anniston Star.

AP Photos Pursuing.


—CARMIKE NEW THEATERS — Georgia-based Carmike Cinemas reports that it is wrapping up work on a northern Alabama movie theater complex and preparing to build another one in Atlanta's suburbs.

—GOAT THROWN FROM BRIDGE — Four Alabama youths are accused of stealing a goat, beating the animal and then tossing it from an 18-foot-high bridge into shallow water below, where it died.

—COMMUNITY COLLEGE PRESIDENT — Central Alabama Community College President Stephen Franks has been placed on paid administrative leave.

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