Back on Top: Revived Jersey Line Wins at York Fair

9/14/2013 7:00 AM
By Philip Gruber Staff Writer

YORK, Pa. — Mildred Seeds sold her Jersey line in 1998 when she needed surgery on her right arm.

This past Sunday, she showed up at the York Fair with Jerseys from the same bloodline and her left arm in a sling from a recent fall. She won grand champion of her breed.

“I never thought I’d show again,” said the Downingtown native, who will soon turn 76.

In 2003, her friend Bernard Baily, of Baily’s Dairy at Pocopson Meadow Farm in West Chester, saw that the farmer who bought the Top of the Hill herd was selling, and he and Seeds agreed to buy back five cows from the bloodline as a partnership.

They ended up paying more than what Seeds had sold the cows for — “everybody else wanted those bloodlines,” she said — but she was happy to have her cows back.

Because she had given up the rights to the prefix, Top-O Hill, she had to settle for a new prefix, TOH. Baily boards the cows at his dairy, and Seeds raises the calves.

At the York Fair, Seeds showed her cows with help from Baily’s daughter Becky, who actually led the breed champion, TOH Ace Peppermint Patty-ET, during the show.

“I told her earlier in the day, This is the cow that’s going to win,’ and she said, No, she’s not,’ ” Becky Baily said.

To be fair, Seeds said, the judge’s choice was not a total surprise. Peppermint Patty was the grand champion senior 2-year-old at the Goshen Country Fair in West Chester a month ago and reserve champion at the Allentown Fair the week before.

Seeds’ original herd came from humble beginnings. When she was a girl, her father, an auctioneer, tried to sell one of his calves. When he could not get even a $5 bid for the animal, he sent her back to the barn for his daughter to raise.

“I raised her in a great big barn all by herself. I used to go down to the barn and read my schoolbooks to her. Her ears would get frostbitten” in the winter, Seeds said.

From that small animal, she built the first Jersey herd in the state to post more than 600 pounds of butterfat. Several Pennsylvania herds have been started with her animals. She took home numerous ribbons over decades of showing, including 10 grand champion awards in 10 shows in 1987, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Her cows were also honored when sculptor J. Clayton Bright made a full-size bronze statue of one of them for the Brandywine River Museum, the Wyeth family showcase in Chadds Ford, Pa. Another Jersey farmer recommended her, Seeds said.

That all seemingly came to an end in 1997 when an operation on her right arm made her unable to use that arm for eight months. She sold out the next year — her cows, her prefix, her truck, her trailer, her show equipment, everything.

She spent six years away from the ring before she and Bernard Baily were able to buy some of the cows back.

In her first show after her surgery, Seeds won supreme champion at the 2004 Allentown Fair. She credits her success to picking the right bulls for breeding.

“Anyone can go out and buy (a winning cow), but the real secret is to be a breeder,” she said.

She also excludes alfalfa from her mixed hay feed.

Peppermint Patty was an embryo transfer. The York show’s Jersey junior champion was Peppermint Patty’s winter calf, TOH Plus Iatolass Pepsi.

The judge, Jared Daubert of Shippensburg, Pa., called Seeds’ winning Jersey “a good, balanced cow” with “a lot of depth and openness to her body.”

Daubert ultimately picked the Holstein belonging to Brad Walker of Thomasville, Pa., as the supreme champion of the show.

Seeds, who was a 4-H leader for half a century, was one of three people who showed Jerseys at York. She brought six. Becky Baily, who runs her family’s dairy and bottling plant, exhibited Linebacks at the fair.

Seeds might have had more competition, but a Jersey family that usually shows at the fair went to the All-American Dairy Show instead, she said.

The date change for All-American also shook up the York Fair schedule, putting all the dairy judging on one day for the first time.

Another first for the York Fair was the addition of a fair queen. Nicole McCord of Delta, Pa., a Penn State ag science major, is the first queen in the 248-year history of the fair. She and her friends asked the fair board to add the position so they could compete for the crown in their home county.

McCord watched the dairy show and handed out ribbons with York County Dairy Princess Sarah Kilgore, who is studying at York Technical Institute to be a medical assistant. McCord said she was able to guess a lot of the first-place animals even though she raises and shows market goats.

“I’d like to think my ag teacher would be proud,” she said.

When McCord was wrong, though, Kilgore, who raises Holsteins, got to rib her good-naturedly about having a market, not a dairy, background.

Kilgore modestly agreed that “it’s hard to say” what a winner is outside one’s own breed.

Following is a list of winners from the junior and open dairy shows.



Spring Calf: Nicole Weaver

Winter Calf: Megan Doll

Fall Calf: Aaron Doll

Summer Yearling: Ben Doll

Spring Yearling: Amber Thoman

Winter Yearling: Zachary Weaver

Junior Champion: Nicole Weaver

Reserve Junior Champion: Zachary Weaver

Junior Bred and Owned: Zachary Weaver

Dry Cow 3-4 Years Old: Ben Doll

Junior 2-Year-Old: Kasey Doll

Senior 3-Year-Old: Aaron Doll

Senior Champion: Aaron Doll

Reserve Senior Champion: Kasey Doll

Grand Champion: Aaron Doll

Reserve Senior Champion: Kasey Doll

Senior Female: Aaron Doll

Dam and Daughter: Amber Thoman

Milking Shorthorn

Fall Yearling: Carson Crowl

Junior Champion: Carson Crowl

Aged Cow: Carson Crowl

Senior Champion: Carson Crowl

Grand Champion: Carson Crowl

Reserve Grand Champion: Carson Crowl



Five Years and Over: Kristi Wilt

Senior Champion: Kristi Wilt

Grand Champion: Kristi Wilt

Senior Bred and Owned: Kristi Wilt


Senior 3-Year-Old: Gary Crowl

Four-Year-Old: Glenn Crowl

Senior Champion: Glenn Crowl

Reserve Senior Champion: Gary Crowl

Grand Champion: Glenn Crowl

Reserve Grand Champion: Gary Crowl

Senior Bred and Owned: Glenn Crowl


Spring Calf: Rutter Brothers

Fall Calf: Rutter Brothers

Summer Yearling: Rutter Brothers

Spring Yearling: Rutter Brothers

Junior Champion: Rutter Brothers

Reserve Junior Champion: Rutter Brothers

Junior Bred and Owned: Rutter Brothers

Three Juniors Under Age 2: Rutter Brothers

Dry Cow 3-4 Years Old: Rutter Brothers

Senior Champion: Rutter Brothers

Grand Champion: Rutter Brothers

Reserve Grand Champion: Rutter Brothers

Senior Bred and Owned: Rutter Brothers

Produce of Dam: Rutter Brothers

Dam and Daughter: Rutter Brothers


Spring Calf: Nicole Weaver

Winter Calf: Amanda Thompson

Fall Calf: Aaron Doll

Summer Yearling: Dixie and Ben Lucabaugh

Spring Yearling: Amber Thoman

Winter Yearling: Brad Walker

Junior Champion: Nicole Weaver

Reserve Junior Champion: Brad Walker

Junior Bred and Owned: Dale and Darla Doll

Three Juniors Under 2 Years Old: Dale and Darla Doll

Dry Cows 3-4 Years Old: Ben Doll

Junior 2-Year-Old: Dixie and Ben Lucabaugh

Senior 2-Year-Old: Brad Walker

Junior 3-Year-Old: Brad Walker

Senior 3-Year-Old: Aaron Doll

Four-Year-Old: Dixie and Ben Lucabaugh

Five Years and Over: Brad Walker

Senior Champion: Brad Walker

Reserve Senior Champion: Aaron Doll

Grand Champion: Brad Walker

Reserve Grand Champion: Aaron Doll

Senior Bred and Owned: Brad Walker

Three Seniors Over 2 Years Old: Brad Walker

Dairy Herd: Brad Walker

Produce of Dam: Dale and Darla Doll

Dam and Daughter: Dixie and Ben Lucabaugh


Spring Calf: Christian Kennard

Winter Calf: Mildred Seeds

Spring Yearling: Mildred Seeds

Junior Champion: Mildred Seeds

Reserve Junior Champion: Mildred Seeds

Junior Bred and Owned: Mildred Seeds

Three Juniors Under 2 Years Old: Mildred Seeds

Dry Cow 3-4 Years Old: Mildred Seeds

Junior 2-Year-Old: Mildred Seeds

Senior 2-Year-Old: Mildred Seeds

Senior Champion: Mildred Seeds

Reserve Senior Champion: Mildred Seeds

Grand Champion: Mildred Seeds

Reserve Grand Champion: Mildred Seeds

Senior Bred and Owned: Mildred Seeds

Three Seniors Over 2 Years Old: Mildred Seeds

Dairy Herd: Mildred Seeds

Produce of Dam: Mildred Seeds

Dam and Daughter: Mildred Seeds

Milking Shorthorn

Spring Calf: Carlyn Crowl Carbaugh

Summer Yearling: Glenn Crowl

Winter Yearling: Glenn Crowl

Fall Yearling Not in Milk: Carson Crowl

Junior Champion: Glenn Crowl

Reserve Junior Champion: Glenn Crowl

Junior Bred and Owned: Glenn Crowl

Dry Cow 3-4 Years Old: Carissa Crowl

Dry Cow 5 Years and Over: Glenn Crowl

Junior 3-Year-Old: Carlyn Crowl Carbaugh

Senior 3-Year-Old: Carlyn Crowl Carbaugh

4-Year-Old: Glenn Crowl

5-Year-Old: Carson Crowl

Senior Champion: Carson Crowl

Reserve Senior Champion: Glenn Crowl

Grand Champion: Carson Crowl

Reserve Grand Champion: Glenn Crowl

Senior Bred and Owned: Carlyn Crowl Carbaugh

Three Seniors Over 2 Years Old: Carlyn Crowl Carbaugh

Dairy Herd: Carlyn Crowl Carbaugh

Produce of Dam: Carlyn Crowl Carbaugh

Dam and Daughter: Carlyn Crowl Carbaugh

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