DuPont Series Helps Pesticide Applicators Learn Best Practices

8/3/2013 7:00 AM

WILMINGTON, Del. — The DuPont Crop Protection land management business unit has introduced the first three in a series of learning modules that address best practices to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day herbicide, insecticide and fungicide use.

The Learning Series is a set of 15- to 20-minute self-directed training modules that are available online at any time. Pesticide applicators can access the series at

Three modules are currently available and cover these topics:

Understanding Pesticide Product Labels — The purpose and importance of pesticide product labels, product label types and contents.

Handling, Storing and Transporting Pesticides — Review product stewardship best practices related to handling pesticides, pesticide storage and transportation.

Mixing and Loading Pesticides and Disposing of Pesticide Containers — Techniques for proper pesticide mixing and loading, and procedures for disposing of pesticide containers.

DuPont introduced the Learning Series as part of its commitment to understand the needs of livestock producers and develop solutions that help meet the challenges of a growing world in a sustainable manner.

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