Father, Son Win Top Honors at Md. Spring Holstein Show

4/13/2013 7:00 AM
By Laurie Savage Maryland Correspondent

WEST FRIENDSHIP, Md. — A father-and-son duo won top honors at the 43rd Maryland Spring Holstein Show.

Senior and grand champion of the open show was Savage-Leigh Gold Lona-ET, a 4-year-old exhibited by Union Bridge’s Chase Savage. The reserve senior and reserve grand champion banner and senior best bred and owned honor was awarded to Savage-Leigh Super Spot-ET, a senior 2-year-old exhibited by Chase’s father, Chip Savage.

Savage-Leigh Farm was named premier breeder and premier exhibitor of the show.

About 150 entries entered the ring for consideration by judge Jason Lloyd of Middleburg, N.Y., Saturday, April 6, at the Howard County Fairgrounds.

In the junior show, aged cow Cowtown Kite Tinsel, exhibited by Shelby Iager of Frederick, was the senior and grand champion winner. Reserve senior and reserve grand champion of the junior show was the entry by Patrick Youse of Ridgely, senior 2-year-old Arsonal Cntndr Dizzy-Red-ET.

Junior champion honors went to Chip Savage for fall calf Savage-Leigh Luscious-ET. Noah Iager of Boonsboro exhibited the reserve junior champion, Ernest-Anthony Sid Tahiti, a spring yearling.

In the youth show, McWilliams Damion Shine, a winter yearling exhibited by Kayla Umbel of Emmitsburg, won the junior champion banner. The reserve junior champion of the junior show was the winter calf exhibited by Chase Savage, Savage-Leigh Alex Laine-ET.

Junior best bred and owned of the show was 4-year-old Coldsprings FBI Tamale 3469, exhibited by Courtney Hoff of New Windsor.

Open and junior show winners are as follows:

Winter calf: Savage-Leigh Alex Laine-ET, Chase Savage, first junior and first open.

Fall calf: Savage-Leigh Lucious, Chip Savage, first open; Savage-Leigh Staci-ET, Kendall Welsh, Knoxville, first junior.

Summer yearling: Rob-Sara Damion Bunny-ET, Bryce Zepp, New Windsor, first open; Coldsprings Brxt Zelda 5001, Brook Hoff, New Windsor, first junior.

Spring yearling: Ernest-Anthony Sid Tahiti, Noah Iager, first open; Lehigh View Sanchz Dynamite, Jordyn Griffin, Union Bridge, first junior.

Winter yearling: McWilliams Damion Shine, Kayla Umbel, first open and first junior.

Fall yearling: Savage-Leigh Fever Starr, Wayne and Cindee Savage, Knoxville, first open; Pheasant Echos RE Diego-Red, Trinity Miller, Westminster, first junior.

Junior best three females: Chip Savage, first

Unfresh junior 2-year-old: Wyndo Copenhagen Amber, Ian Doody, Damascus, first open and first junior.

Junior 2-year-old: Savage-Leigh Atwood Light-ET, Chase Savage, first open.

Senior 2-year-old: Savage-Leigh Super Spot-ET, Chip Savage, first open; Arsonal Cntndr Dizzy-Red-ET, Patrick Youse, first junior.

Junior 3-year-old: RMW Sanchez Athena-ET, Donovan Hollingsworth and Brent Ashley, Denton, first open; Glen-Toctin Gold Leena-ET, Katelyn Allen, Jefferson, first junior.

Senior 3-year-old: Arethusa Goldwyn Avenue-ET, Bulldog Holsteins, Frederick, first open; Glen-Toctin Sanchez Dara, Katelyn Allen, Jefferson, first junior.

Four-year-old: Savage-Leigh Gold Lona-ET, Chase Savage, first open; Coldsprings FBI Tamale 3469, Courtney Hoff, first junior.

Five-year-old: Peace&Plenty Dundee Ruby, Peace&Plenty Farm, Union Bridge, first open; Artie Jay Carla Blitz, Ryan Zimmerman, Littlestown, Pa., first junior.

Aged cow: Savage-Leigh Lydon Laurel-ET, Chip Savage, Borba, Borba and Durrier, first open; Cowtown Kite Tinsel, Shelby Iager, first junior.

Long-time production: Ladys Manor Ruby F Ginni, Lady’s Manor LLC, Monkton, first open.

Produce of dam: Savage-Leigh Farm, first.

Dam and daughter: Chip Savage, first.

Senior best three females: Chip Savage, first.

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