Holstein Supreme at Bedford County Fair’s Dairy Show

8/2/2014 7:00 AM
By Linda Williams Western Pa. Correspondent

BEDFORD, Pa. — Competition was stiff in the dairy shows at the Bedford County Fair. Two familiar faces appeared in the ring often. One was that of Dana Cessna of Cessna farms south of Clearville. This Holstein farm has been winning awards at the fair on a regular basis and took home this year’s supreme championship.

Another was that of Aaron Gable, who was back with the reserve supreme, a Guernsey. Gable, a part of the Snider Homestead Farm in New Enterprise, has been showing cattle since he was big enough to hold the lead. He follows in the footsteps of both his mother, Bernetta Gable, and his grandfather, Bernard Snider.

The supreme champion represented the annual dairy basket at the livestock sale on Saturday. The basket was purchased by Don Fair of Nutritional Consulting and Stand Up Hoof Care. Fair paid $1,650 for the basket, which included a wagon full of dairy products donated by Manor Meadows Farm and Beverly’s Touch of Class, a windmill donated by Tractor Supply and a host of gift cards.

Open show results for champion awards at the Bedford County Fair dairy show were as follows:


Grand champion, Jordan Helsley.

Reserve grand champion, Chase Eller.

Senior champion, Jordan Helsley.

Reserve senior champion, Chase Eller.

Junior Champion, Jason Mowry.

Reserve junior champion, Chase Eller.

Brown Swiss

Grand champion, Matthew Stanton.

Reserve grand champion, Kenny Stanton.

Senior champion, Matthew Stanton.

Reserve senior champion, Kenny Stanton.

Junior champion, Ethan Foor.

Reserve junior champion, Ethan Foor.


Grand champion, Snider’s Homestead.

Reserve grand champion, Snider’s Homestead.

Senior champion, Snider’s Homestead.

Reserve senior champion, Snider’s Homestead.

Junior champion, Misty Meadows Farm.

Reserve junior champion, Misty Meadows Farms.


Grand champion, Wayne Cessna.

Reserve grand champion, Singing Brook Farms.

Senior champion, Wayne Cessna.

Reserve senior champion, Singing Brook Farms.

Junior champion, Molly Cessna.

Reserve junior champion, Tyler Cessna.


Grand champion, Hidden Hills Jerseys.

Reserve grand champion, Karla Stoltzfus.

Senior champion, Hidden Hills Jerseys.

Reserve senior champion, Karla Stoltzfus.

Junior champion, Ashley Kidd.

Reserve junior champion, Hidden Hills Jerseys.

Milking Shorthorn

Grand champion, Karla Stoltzfus.

Reserve grand champion, Josiah Mowry.

Senior champion, Karla Stoltzfus.

Junior champion, Josiah Mowry.

Reserve junior champion. Josiah Mowry.

Red and White

Grand champion, Ray D. Mowry Jr.

Reserve grand champion, Austin Mowry.

Senior champion, Ray D. Mowry Jr.

Reserve senior champion, Austin Mowry.

Junior champion, Cody Eller.

Reserve junior champion, Austin Mowry.

Other first place awards in the dairy show were as follows:


Spring heifer calf, Jared Helsley.

Summer yearling heifer, Chase Eller.

Winter yearling, Jason Mowry.

Summer yearling, senior 2 year old, Jared Helsley.

Senior 3 year old, Jordan Helsley.

Senior 5 year old, Chase Eller.

Best udder, Jordan Helsley.

Exhibitor herd, Jason Mowry.

Daughter/dam, Jared Helsley.


Spring heifer calf, Tyler Cessna.

Winter calf, Singer Berook Farms.

Fall calf, Marlee Mearkle.

Summer yearling heifer, Wayne Cessna.

Spring yearling, Molly Cessna.

Winter yearling, Tyler Cessna.

Fall yearling, Marlee Mearkle.

Jr. best three females, Wayne Cessna.

Junior 2 year old, Samantha Vanpele.

Jr. 3 year old, Zug Stanton.

Senior 3 year old, Singing Brook Farms.

4 year old, J. Wayne Cessna.

5 year old, Kenny Stanton.

Best udder, Wayne Cessna.

Exhibitor’s herd, Kennyh Stanton.

Senior best three females, Kenny Stanton.

Daughter/dam, Wayne Cessna.

Produce of dam, Franklin Foor.

Red and White

Spring heifer calf, Cody Eller.

Best udder, Ray Mowry Jr.

Winter calf, Kristen Ewing.

Fall calf, Cody Eller.

Spring yearling, Austin Mowry.

Jr. best three females, Ray Mowry Jr.

Sr. best three females, Ray Mowry Jr.

Exhibitor’s herd, Ray Mowry Jr.


Spring heifer calf, Macy Walason.

Winter calf, Misty Meadows Farm.

Fall calf, Snider Homestead Farm.

Summer yearling heifer, Snider Homestead.

Spring yearling, Misty Meadows

Winter yearling, Misty Meadows.

Fall yearling, Snider Homestead.

Jr. best three females, Misty Meadows.

Yearling in milk, Macy Walason.

Jr. 2 year old, Snider Homestead.

Senior 2 year old, Snider Homestead.

Jr. three year old, Snider Homestead.

Senior 3 year old, Snider Homestead

4 year old, Snider Homestead.

5 year old, Misty Meadows.

6 years and over, Snider Homestead.

Dry cows 4 and under, Tanner Walason.

Dry cow 5 and over, Snider Homestead.

Age cow, 125,000 milk class, Snider Homestead.

Senior best three females, Snider Homestead.

Exhibitor’s herd, Snider Homestead.

Daughter/dam, Snider Homestead.

Produce of dam, Macy Walason.


Spring heifer calf, Janelle Sams.

Winter calf, Stan-El Jerseys.

Fall calf, Hidden Hills Jerseys.

Summer yearling, Ashley Kidd.

Spring yearling, Ashley Kidd.

Winter yearling, Stan-El Jerseys.

Fall Yearling, Hidden Hills Jerseys.

Jr. best three females, Stan-El Jerseys.

Sr. 2 year old, Karla Stoltzfus.

Jr. 3 year old, Karla Stoltzfus.

Senior 3 year old, Stan-El Jerseys.

4 year old, Hidden Hills.

5 year old, Stan-El Jerseys.

Dry cow 4 and under, Janelle Sams.

Senior best three females, Stan-El.

Exhibitor’s herd, Hidden Hills.

Daughter/dam, Hidden Hills.

Produce of dam, Stan El.

Brown Swiss

Fall calf, Ethan Foor, Everett.

Fall yearling, not in Milk, Ethan Foor.

Jr. 2 year old, Ethan Foor.

Senior 2 year old, Ethan Foor.

Jr. 3 year old, Kenny Stanton.

6 year and over, Matthew Stanton.

Dry cow 4 and under, Samantha Leach.

Sr. best three females, Kenny Stanton.

Exhibitor’s herd, Kenny Stanton.

Produce of dam, Kenny Stanton.

Daughter/dam, Kenny Stanton.

Milking Shorthorn

Winter yearling, Josiah Mowry.

4 year old, Karla Stoltzfus.

Winter calf, Josiah Mowry.

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