Md. Dairy Princess Diary: Happy New Year

1/9/2013 12:42 PM
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As my term serving as Maryland Dairy Princess continues, I am working to connect with and reach as many people as I possibly can, both on the farm side and the more urban side. In December, I wrote several articles for publication in newspapers that reach various towns and counties in Maryland, as well as Delaware, Pennsylvania and the entire Mid-Atlantic region. I have been sending some of my favorite recipes to share ideas for including dairy in delicious family meals and also told about the great time I had working at the Damascus Heritage Museum’s Dairy Day, which celebrated the history of farming in Damascus.

Over Christmas, I enjoyed dairy treats such as hot cocoa made with milk, my family’s amazing recipe for butter cookies and my grandmother’s cheese ball. I couldn’t wait to welcome in the New Year with a resolution to include dairy even more in my daily life and to share my love and respect for farming with everyone around me.

-- 2012-2013 Md. State Dairy Princess Julia Doody

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