More Trees Please!

5/11/2013 7:00 AM
By Troy Bishopp New York Correspondent

Conservation District Holds Annual Tree Sale  
HAMILTON, N.Y. — President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. ”

Powering up the local ecosystem with these pillars of strength, the Madison County Soil & Water Conservation District’s annual tree sale has once again contributed to the well-being of the community.

Residents from around the region partnered with the district to plant thousands of trees, shrubs, berries and ground cover to beautify, protect and harvest the fruits for generations to come.

According to tree sale coordinator, Joann Burke, the top selling tree varieties this year were Norway spruce, Colorado blue spruce and black cherry. All told, 14,700 trees were sold and the sale generated $24,325 for the district.

With the advent of today’s new National Tree Benefit Calculator tool, we now know how valuable FDR’s quote was back then. Using the Norway spruce as an example, a 12-inch diameter tree will intercept 1,258 gallons of storm-water runoff in a year; will conserve 60 kilowatt hours of electricity for cooling and reduce consumption of oil or natural gas by 19 thermal units; will reduce atmospheric carbon by 209 pounds and will raise the property value by $11 a year for a total yearly benefit of $65 per tree.

Jessica Oman of Damon Acres in New Woodstock, N.Y., concurs with these benefits and the excitement of planting trees every year with her family. “Being a CSA organic farm that grows food for the community and for ourselves, we like what trees and fruit crops do for our environment, our neighbors and our bottom line,” Oman said. “Planting trees also gives us precious family experiences and provides the children with hands-on learning at its finest.”

The Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District thank its customers who participated in the legacy of planting hope. For more information on this and other conservation services, contact us at (315) 824-9849 or go to

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