New Holland Hog Market

4/7/2013 3:00 PM

New Holland, PA Mon Apr 01, 2013 USDA Agricultural Market News
New Holland Hog Auction - New Holland, PA
Livestock Auction Report for Monday, April 01, 2013

Receipts: 1118 Last Week: 805 Year Ago: 1361
When compared to last week`s sale, slaughter barrows and gilts sold 2.00
lower. Sows traded 3.00-4.00 lower. Demand remained good for sows and
fleshier hogs weighing 300 lbs and above. Demand was light for hogs under the
300 lbs threshold. All prices per cwt.
Percent Lean Weight Price
49-54 200-400 lbs 53.00-55.50
45-49 200-300 lbs 53.00-53.50
300-400 lbs 54.50-57.50

Sows: US 1-3
300-450 lbs 48.00-54.50
450-700 lbs 62.00-64.00
Boars: 300-700 lbs 17.00-17.50

Source: USDA Agricultural Market News, New Holland, PA
Levi Geyer, OIC Cell 717-406-7350
John Stacy, Market Reporter 717-354-2391
For all USDA Livestock and Grain market reports:
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