NorthEast Butter

2/8/2013 3:00 PM

MADISON, WI. February 6, 2013 (Report 06)
The butter price on the CME Group was unchanged Tuesday and closed at
$1.5550. The butter price has held steady in light trading in the last 4
trading sessions, after increasing 5 cents and trading 11 loads last
Wednesday. Cream supplies continue to be readily available in the region
with churns operating at increased schedules. Demand for butter is steady
with good domestic print and bulk orders for this time of year. Export
demand continues to be fairly good prompting increased production of 82%
unsalted butter. Current bulk butter prices remain strong and range from 4-
14 cents over the market based on the CME Group with various time frames and
averages used. According to NASS, cumulative 2012 butter production at
1,857.1 million pounds was 2.6% above cumulative production for 2011.
December's monthly U.S. butter production totaled 173.2 million pounds, up
20.9% from November and 4.4% higher compared to December 2011. Atlantic
region butter production in December totaled 17.5 million pounds, up 44.2%
from November and 8.0% more than 2011.

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