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12/8/2012 3:00 PM

MD DA810 Cheese - Northeast
MADISON, WI. December 05, 2012 (REPORT 49)

CME Group cheese prices were unchanged Tuesday with barrels closing at
$1.7025 and blocks at $1.7600. Prior to Tuesday's trading, barrel prices
declined in each of the previous 4 trading sessions, registering a net
decline of $0.0725. The only movement in the block price over the last
10 trading sessions was Friday's $0.0650 decline. Weekly average prices
on the CME Group were mixed with blocks declining and barrels increasing.
The mixed result brought about a $0.0125 decline in wholesale prices for
cheddar blocks and Muenster, but a $0.0200 increase for processed cheese
slices. Swiss cut cheese prices were unchanged. Milk volumes going to
cheese vats have increased, due to a combination of marginal milk
production increases and a leveling off of Class I demand. Lower cheese
prices make it conducive for makers of aged cheeses to rebuild their aged
cheese inventories. Domestic demand remains good and export demand has
seen some increased interest. Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) has
accepted requests for export assistance to sell 1.285 million pounds (583
metric tons) of Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. The product will be
delivered December 2012 through February 2013. During 2012, CWT has
assisted member cooperatives in making export sales of Cheddar, Monterey
Jack, and Gouda cheese totaling 113.6 million pounds. According to the
latest NASS report, total cheese production for October in New York was
68.4 million pounds, 10.5% more than September and 5.0% more than
October, 2011. Pennsylvania produced 32.3 million pounds in October, 4.7%
more than one month earlier, but 1.1% less than one year ago. Vermont
produced 12.0 million pounds, 18.6% more than last month and 11.3% more
than October 2011. The total of all cheese production for October in the
Atlantic region was 122.6 million pounds, up 9.7% from September and 3.7%
more compared to the same period last year. Atlantic region cheese
production accounted for 13.2% of total U.S. production. Total U.S.
cheese production in October totaled 927.9 million pounds, 6.3% more than
September and 3.2% more than October 2011. Cumulative 2012 U.S. Cheese
production through September was 2.6% greater than comparable 2011

Cheddar 40# Block : 2.2150-2.5000
Process 5# Sliced : 1.9675-2.0875
Muenster : 2.2350-2.5950
Grade A Swiss Cuts 10 - 14# : 3.6300-3.9525

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