NorthEast Cheese

2/8/2013 3:00 PM

MD DA810 Cheese - Northeast
MADISON, WI. February 06, 2013 (REPORT 6)

Cheese prices on the CME Group were mixed Tuesday with barrels increasing
$0.0100 to close at $1.5425, while blocks held unchanged at $1.6450.
Barrel prices have been mixed over the last 6 trading sessions with 3
session increases and 3 declines, resulting in a net loss of $0.0275.
Trading was also active with 16 loads of barrels transacted during the
same period. Blocks have only seen 2 loads traded in the last 8
sessions, while prices have remained unchanged. Cheese production
remains on 6-7 day production schedules with production adding to
inventories. Demand has weakened with cheese makers hoping promotions
will prompt increased sales ahead of Easter. Aging programs continue to
build as cheddar supplies are ample. Exporters are relieved to hear of a
tentative agreement, which if ratified, would avert a Longshoreman's
strike on the East and Gulf coasts. Cooperatives Working Together (CWT)
has accepted requests for export assistance to sell 4.696 million pounds
(2,130 metric tons) of Cheddar, Gouda and Monterey Jack cheese. The
product will be delivered February through July 2013.
Dairy Products: According to the latest NASS report, total cheese
production for December in New York was 66.9 million pounds, 3.9% more
than November, but 2.1% less than December, 2011. Pennsylvania produced
35.0 million pounds in December, 8.5% more than one month earlier, but
0.1% less than one year ago. Vermont produced 11.2 million pounds, 9.3%
less than last month, but 10.3% more than December 2011. The total of
all cheese production for December in the Atlantic region was 122.5
million pounds, up 3.6% from November and 0.1% more compared to the same
period last year. Atlantic region cheese production accounted for 12.9%
of total U.S. production. Total U.S. cheese production in December
totaled 949.3 million pounds, 3.8% more than November and 2.0% more than
December 2011. Cumulative 2012 U.S. Cheese production was 2.5% greater
than 2011 production. Focusing on Italian cheese, New York production in
December totaled 32.1 million pounds, 7.9% more than November, but 5.0%
less than December 2011. Pennsylvania produced 22.3 million pounds in
December, 20.1% more than November and 1.1% more than December. The
Atlantic region in December, produced 61.7 million pounds of Italian
cheese, 9.8% more than November, but 1.6% less than last year.

Cheddar 40# Block : 2.0450-2.3300
Process 5# Sliced : 1.7600-2.2400
Muenster : 2.0650-2.4250
Grade A Swiss Cuts 10 - 14# : 3.5900-3.9125

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