Pa. Adds More Than 40 Farms to Preservation Program

12/21/2013 7:00 AM

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania’s Agricultural Land Preservation Board on Dec. 12 safeguarded 4,181 additional acres on 41 farms in 21 counties through the state’s nationally renowned farmland preservation program.

Since the program began in 1988, state, county and local governments have invested more than $1.2 billion to preserve 484,270 acres on 4,532 farms in 57 counties for future agricultural production.

“With this meeting, we conclude a successful 25th year for the program by surpassing the 4,500 farm milestone,” said state Agriculture Secretary George Greig. “Preserving Pennsylvania’s farmland requires passionate farmers and dedicated program administrators who work together to keep Pennsylvania growing for generations to come.”

The Pennsylvania Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Program identifies properties and slows the loss of prime farmland to nonagricultural uses.

The program enables state, county and local governments to purchase conservation easements, also called development rights, from owners of quality farmland.

In some cases, the federal Farm and Ranchlands Protection Program provides additional assistance. Last fiscal year, Pennsylvania received $4.2 million in federal reimbursements.

The farms preserved, by county, were:

Adams — Wayne Rodgers farm, a 128.69-acre crop and livestock operation; and Richard C. and Kathryn E. Patterson farm, a 30.18-acre crop farm.

Allegheny — David and Linda L. Mischen farm No. 2, a 57.45-acre crop and livestock operation.

Beaver — James H. Spiker farm No. 2, a 152.15-acre crop farm.

Berks — Ronald J. Bordner farm No. 1, a 26.4-acre crop farm; Robert D. and Dianna Ketterer farm No. 1, a 117.1-acre dairy farm; Ronnie C. and Lynn Folk farm No. 1, a 137.6-acre crop farm; Richele E. Greib farm No. 1, a 51.6-acre crop and livestock operation; Ernest E. Heckman Family Trust farm, a 189-acre crop farm; Charles E. and Christi Loverich farm No. 1, a 75-acre crop and livestock operation; Phares K. and Ellen W. Newswanger farm No. 1, a 125.4-acre crop farm; Phares K. and Ellen W. Newswanger farm No. 2, a 50-acre crop and livestock operation; and Dalton R. and Dorothy S. Zimmerman farm No. 1, a 105.7-acre crop farm.

Bucks — David Library Farm, a 52.59-acre crop farm; Robert C. Pope farm, a 76.21-acre crop farm; and Arthur and Timothy Shull farm No. 2, a 97.26-acre crop farm.

Butler — Michael and David Burgoon farm, a 60-acre crop farm; and Matthew L., N. Jane and James G. Vadnal and Connie C. Turner farm, a 195.36-acre crop farm.

Chester — Brian K. and Linda J. Campbell farm, a 127.61-acre crop and livestock operation.

Cumberland — Victor and Cheryl and David and Jill Barrick farm, a 146.72-acre crop farm.

Greene — Charles Harry farm No. 1, a 162.04-acre crop farm.

Huntingdon — Wayne M. and Margaret E. Friling farm No. 1, a 156.69-acre crop and livestock operation.

Lancaster — Harold M. III and Anna M. Barley farm No. 2, a 70.1-acre crop and livestock operation; and Fred L. and Connie L. Ranck farm, a 152.16-acre crop and livestock operation.

Lebanon — Edwin G. and Karen J. Copenhaver farm, a 28.39-acre crop farm; David E. Rittle Sr. farm, a 45.32-acre crop and livestock operation; and Spring Nook Farms, a 226.99-acre crop and livestock operation.

Luzerne — Thomas and Sara Jane Wenner farm, a 96.95-acre crop and livestock operation.

Mifflin — Samual K. and Wendy R. Kauffman farm, a 157.82-acre crop and livestock operation.

Monroe — Stuart and Darlene Klingel farm No. 2, a 49.09-acre crop farm; and Steven R. Kresge farm, a 60-acre crop farm.

Northampton — Carolton L. and Patricia A. Michaels farm, a 27.85-acre crop farm; Erica L. Busch farm, a 131.25-acre crop farm; and Earl J. and Marian E. Reagle farm, a 106.92-acre crop farm.

Snyder — Richard Shirey farm No. 1, a 73.42-acre crop and livestock operation.

Somerset — Mildred Berkebile farm, a 176.88-acre crop farm.

Union — Michael P. and Bronwen A. Sanders farm, a 120.7-acre crop and livestock operation.

Westmoreland — Charles S. Jr. and Marilyn J. Carr farm No. 4, a 106.22-acre crop farm; and William R. Smith farm No. 3, a 71.35-acre crop farm.

York — George O. Phillips Jr. farm No. 2, a 111.39-acre crop farm; and Alan J. and Philip G. and Jennifer D. Yost farm No. 1, a 47.29-acre crop farm.

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