Troy Fair Dairy Shows Dedicated to Calkins Family

8/28/2010 12:44 PM
By Carolyn N. Moyer

TROY, Pa. — “Being in 4-H taught us to win with grace and lose with dignity,” said Mary Ann (Calkins) Murphy. “If it hadn’t been for 4-H, we probably never would have stayed for the open shows.”
Now, 50 years later, the Calkins family was officially recognized for its continued support of the Troy Fair Dairy Shows by the members of the Troy Fair dairy committee.
Four generations of Calkins have shown at the Troy Fair and the week has come to mark a time of family reunion — both with relatives and friends.
“I want to thank the fair board and the dairy committee. This is a great family and it’s a great show,” said Alfred Calkins, who with his son, Randy, operates the family’s dairy near Troy.
The comments made by Alfred were echoed by Patsy Gifford, of Sharon Springs, N.Y., amd Adam Little, of Argyle, N.Y., who placed more than 450 entries in the two-day show.
“There’s tremendous quality from the Ayrshire to the Red and White,” Little said as he prepared to select the supreme champion of the show. “Each of the animals here represents the breed very well. For supreme it comes down to the Jersey, the Holstein and the Red and White. Today I’m going with my Holstein because of an advantage of teat placement. She’s supreme over the Jersey, but that’s getting pretty picky.”
Taking the title of supreme champion was Snow Crest Stor Nor Bunny, a 4-year-old owned by Snow Crest Farm, who was also the senior and grand champion Holstein.
Mt Glen Trojan Joyce, owned by Mt Glen Farm, was named the reserve senior and reserve grand champion.
Among the heifers, Clark Jackson’s spring calf, Mt-Glen Leonard Tammy, was named the junior champion of the show. The reserve junior champion was Jordan Snyder’s Jor-Col Sanchez Pharrah, a fall calf.
The Red and White grand and reserve grand champions were selected from the 5-year-old class. Pine-Tree Die-Hard 1590, owned by Promise Haven Farm, was named the champion, while Shoresbrook Otsd Brulea-ET, owned by Shoresbrook Farm, was named the reserve champion.
Clark Jackson’s fall calf, Frith-JOF A Peachie-Red-ET took junior champion honors, and the second place fall calf, Promise Haven SC SHA-Red, owned by Amanda Keller, was named the reserve junior champion.
Amberleigh Yurkanin’s 5-year-old, Elm Brook Lilac’s Lily, was named the grand champion Ayrshire. Following her in the reserve grand champion position was Douglas Neville’s junior 2-year-old, Locust Spring Sarge Solo.
The junior champion Ayrshire was Patrick Workman’s winter yearling, Gen-Rich Greta, and the reserve junior champion was Daniel and Kimberly Hoppaugh’s winter calf, Lone-Elm Swedmark.
Paige Cook’s 5-year-old, My T Fine Amaranto Jordan, was crowned the grand champion of the Brown Swiss Show. Taking reserve grand champion Brown Swiss honors was Aaron Hartranft’s senior 2-year-old, May-Lar Vex Daisy.
The junior champion Brown Swiss was Michala Kuhlman’s fall yearling, Towpath Snick Diva. The reserve junior champion was AJK Ted Chianti, a spring yearling owned by Kuhl Kows — The Kuhlman Family.
Jack Arnold showed the only Guernsey in the show, senior 3-year-old Vawter Archie Shana, who also was dubbed the grand champion of the show.
Aaron White/Snowdrift Country, showed the grand champion Jersey of the show, Gray Clay Minister Plush. The reserve grand champion was Chris Schuler’s senior 2-year-old, Comerica’s Black Rose.
The junior champion Jersey was Shelby Crawford’s fall calf, Action Teae of Ho-Crawf. The reserve junior champion was Chris Schuler’s spring calf, Nevertell Mini Nincompoop -ET.
In the Milking Shorthorn show, Matt Thomas exhibited both the grand and reserve grand champions. The grand and senior champion was his junior-2-year-old, Daysland Acres Dana. The reserve grand and also the junior champion of the show was his spring yearling, Springhill Fire Heart EXP.
Taking reserve junior champion honors was Abbigail Thomas with her winter calf, Tres Colles HTA Luella.
Here are the top winners in each class:
Spring calf: Kali Terrel
Winter calf: Daniel and Kimberly Hoppaugh
Fall calf: Vince and Debbie Neville.
Summer yearling: Eric and Amy Kneller.
Spring yearling: Douglas Neville.
Winter yearling: Patrick Workman
Dry cow 4-years and under: Vince and Debbie Neville
Junior 2-year-old: Douglas Neville
Senior 2-year-old: Amberleigh Yurkanin
Junior 3-year-old: Douglas Neville
Senior 3-year-old: Vince and Debbie Neville
Four-year-old: Kali Terrel
Five-year-old: Amberleigh Yurkanin.
Production Class: Douglas Neville.
Brown Swiss
Spring calf: Daniel and Kimberly Hoppaugh
Winter calf: Lexi Harnish
Fall calf: Kuhl Kows — The Kuhlman Family
Summer yearling: Kuhl Kows — The Kuhlman Family
Spring yearling: Kuhl Kows —— The Kuhlman Family
Winter yearling: Michala Kuhlman
Fall yearling: Michala Kuhlman
Junior 2-year-old: Douglas Neville
Senior 2-year-old: Aaron Hartranft
Four-year-old: Michala Kuhlman
Five-year-old: Paige Lin Cook
Dry cow 4-years and under: Jack Arnold.
Spring calf: Clark Jackson
Winter calf: Hannah Jackson
Fall calf: Jordan Snyder
Summer yearling: Hannah Jackson
Spring yearling: Kyle Jackson
Winter yearling: Mary Calkins
Fall yearling: James Denkenberger
Dry cow 4-years and under: LuAnn Antisdel
Dry cow 5-years and over: Promise Haven Farm
Fall yearling in milk: Gordon Calkins
Junior 2-year-old: Mt Glen Farm
Senior 2-year-old: Hannah Jackson
Junior 3-year-old: Snow Crest Farm
Senior 3-year-old: Snow Crest Farm
Four-year-old: Snow Crest Farm
Five-year-old: Promise Haven Farm
Six years and over: Mt. Glen Farm
Production class: Shoresbrook Farm
Spring calf: Chris Schuler
Winter calf: Chris Schuler
Fall calf: Shelby Crawford
Summer yearling: Scott Lackey
Spring yearling: LLW
Winter yearling: Roy Thomas - Thomas Crest
Fall yearling: LLW
Junior 2-year-old: Aaron White/Snowdrift Country
Senior 2-year-old: Chris Schuler
Senior 3-year-old: Aaron White/Snowdrift
Senior 3-year-old: Aaron White/Snowdrift Country
Four-year-old: Scott Lackey
Five-year-old: Fred Eick
Six years and over: Scott Lackey
Production Class: Fred Eick/Rolling Acres
Milking Shorthorn
Summer yearling: Corbin Driscoll
Spring yearling: Matt Thomas
Junior 2-year-old: Matt Thomas.
Red and White
Spring calf: Grace Andrews
Winter calf: Nathan Wesneski
Fall Calf: Clark Jackson
Summer yearling: Amanda Keller
Spring yearling: Cecilia Morse
Winter yearling: Katy Jefferson
Fall yearling: Chelsey Wesneski.
Dry cow 4-years and under: Hoppaugh Farms
Dry cow 5-years and over: Promise Haven Farm.
Junior 2-year-old: Daniel and Kimberly Hoppaugh
Senior 2-year-old: Nathan Wesneski
Junior 3-year-old: Patrick Workman
Senior 3-year-old: Daniel and Kimberly Hoppaugh
Four-year-old: Scott and Karen Nolt
Five-year-old: Promise Haven Farm
Six years and over: Carlsen Farm

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