Farmer Boy Ag Announces Calf, Maternity Pens

1/5/2013 7:00 AM

MYERSTOWN, Pa. — Farmer Boy Ag has announced the addition of Calf-Tel’s new pen front and maternity pen to its inventory.

Both products boast features that will save dairy farmers time and money.

The redesigned pen front has an adjustable bucket height that is independent of the door frame, which will save on labor and eliminate the gap at the bottom where bedding escapes. Updated pail holders limit calves from knocking out feed buckets.

It also has two optional features, including a feed pail divider that will reduce feed waste and the capability to mount an optional nipple pail.

Calf-Tel’s maternity pen is 4-foot 5-inches long and provides added flexibility for short-term calf housing. It takes up less space than full-size pens, which saves space and money.

According to Joel and Linnea Kooistra of Kooistra Dairy Farm in Woodstock, Ill., “Calf-Tel maternity pens are an integral part of our calf raising program during the winter months. Small in size, the maternity pens help us take the bite out of the winter weather, allowing us to house our newborn calves indoors during the first few weeks of life during the winter months.

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