BC-OK-KO Hay Report

6/20/2013 11:45 AM
By Associated Press

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK Thu June 20, 2013 Oklahoma Dept. of Ag Market News
Hay movement light to moderate early and then came to a standstill when rains
resumed over the weekend. Haying and wheat harvest beginning again as this
report is written. Demand remains light to moderate with only a slight
improvement in inquiries noted late. Premium and Supreme quality alfalfa still
untested as most offerings overly mature, rain damaged or both. Demand for wheat
hay moderate except in northwestern and panhandle counties where demand is
generally good. Much of the wheat acreage in those counties put up in hay and
there are concerns that wheat straw will be in short supply.
Market News continues to maintain an online hay directory for both in-state
and out-of-state hay producers. The directories are on the ODAFF homepage at Producers wishing to list hay are encouraged to call at
1-800-580-6543 or email
Alfalfa Central Oklahoma:
Not established, firm undertone apparent. Few loads untested hay moving to beef
producers 170.00-200.00 per ton, mostly 180.00. Fair to Good quality alfalfa
with light to moderate rain damage 150.00-160.00 per ton. Few loads horse hay
moving locally 280.00-300.00 in small square bales.
Alfalfa Eastern Oklahoma: Not established. Fair to Good grassy alfalfa 180.00-
190.00. Small square bales 9.00-10.00 per bale.
Western Oklahoma: 10.00 higher in light test. Fair to Good quality 180.00-
Grass Hay Central Oklahoma:
Steady. Good quality wheat hay 45.00-60.00 per bale in 4 X 5 or 5 X 5 bales, few
5 X 6 bales up to 80.00. Wheat hay 90.00-105.00 per ton. New crop rye hay 4 X
5 bales 45.00-60.00 per bale. Early prairie hay 40.00-50.00 per bale 4 X 5
bales. Small square bales mixed grass Good quality 4.00-7.00 per bale in the
Western Oklahoma: Steady. Good wheat hay 45.00-65.00 per bale in southern and
central Oklahoma, sold by the ton 90.00-110.00 at edge of field. In panhandle
counties 140.00-150.00 per ton loaded on truck at edge of field.
Eastern Oklahoma: Steady. Good rye and mixed grass hay offered 40.00-60.00 per
bale in 4 X 5 and 5 X 5 bales. 5 X6 bales 55.00-70.00 per bale, few small sales
up to 80.00 per bale. Small square bales mixed grass mostly 5.00-7.00 per bale.
Prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted.
Alfalfa Quality Guidelines
Quality ADF NDF *RFV/RFQ **TDN-100% **TDN-90% CP
Supreme <27 <34 >185 >62 >55.9 >22
Premium 27-29 34-36 170-185 60.5-62 54.5-55.9 20-22
Good 29-32 36-40 150-170 58-60 52.5-54.5 18-20
Fair 32-35 40-44 130-150 56-58 50.5-52.5 16-18
Utility >35 >44 <130 <56 <50.5 <16
*RFV calculated using the Wis/Minn formula. **TDN calculated using the
Western formula. Quantitative factors are approximate, and many factors can
affect feeding value. Values based on 100% dry matter (TDN showing both 100%
& 90.
Source: Oklahoma Dept of AG-USDA Market News, Oklahoma City, OK
Jack Carson Telephone (405)-522-3752 Market Recording 405-621-5533

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