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10/8/2015 2:15 PM
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San Angelo, TX Thu Oct 08, 2015 USDA Market News
National Sheep Summary for Thursday, October 08, 2015
Compared to last week at Ft. Collins, CO slaughter lambs steady to
5.00 lower; slaughter ewes 5.00-6.00 lower; feeder lambs steady. No
sales in Equity Electronic Auction.
Slaughter Lambs: Choice and Prime 2-3 90-150 lbs:
Ft. Collins: no test.
Kalona, IA: no test.
Virginia: no test.
Equity Elec: no sales.
Slaughter Lambs: Choice and Prime 1-2:
Ft. Collins: 61 lbs 220.00; 80 lbs 185.00.
Kalona, IA: no test.
Virginia: no test.
Slaughter Ewes:
Ft. Collins: Good 3-5 (very fleshy) 60.00-67.00; Good 2-3 (fleshy)
73.00-88.00; Utility 1-2 (thin) 48.00-53.00; Cull 1
(extremely thin) 33.00-37.00.
Kalona, IA: Good 2-3 no test; Utility and Good 1-3 no test;
Utility 1-2 no test.
Virginia: Good 2-4 no test.
Feeder Lambs: Medium and Large 1-2:
Ft. Collins: 44 lbs 195.00; 75-80 lbs 170.00-176.00; 80-90 lbs
165.00-174.00; 90-100 lbs 155.00-166.00.
Kalona, IA: no test.
Replacement Ewes: Medium and Large 1-2:
Ft. Collins: no test.
Kalona: no test.
Sheep and lamb slaughter under federal inspection for the week to date
totaled 32,000 compared with 27,000 last week and 32,000 for last year.
Source: USDA Market News Service, San Angelo, Texas
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