Little Daredevil

Life in the Farm Lane

9/6/2013 5:41 AM

I’m thrilled that my son loves the outdoors – cows, cats and dogs included. I’m also glad he isn’t scared of the farm.

But what does make me slightly unhappy is his daredevil attitude. We’ve always known that he is pretty fearless, starting with doing back flips off the couch and wanting to lead full-size cows before he turned 1. Lately, he’s become a fan of flying off the end of the slide at full speed.

When my son and I are home on the weekends, I’ve always tried to take him to the barn with his dad for at least a little while. But over the last two weekends, that little walk has turned into an all-day, everyday event.

When daddy comes in from the barn for breakfast, our boy barely lets him sit down before he’s grabbing his shoes and screaming “outside!”

The first thing he helps do is feed the heifers ­- putting the calf starter in the water buckets, on purpose; carrying handfuls of grain to the dry cows, who aren’t supposed to get what he wants them to eat; throwing the silage from the feed bunk into the pen; and yes, taking a ride on the four-wheeler.

Last weekend, my husband and father-in-law started chopping corn silage and my son, of course, had to watch. At first it was loud, new and scary, but then all he wanted to do is drive the tractor and slow down the process. Time to visit grandma in the house instead.

Once the coast was clear and no tractors were in sight, we headed for the house to make lunch. Easier said than done. My child is smarter and more stubborn than he needs to be at this age. The only way to get him to stop heading out the door was to put in a Thomas the Train movie and give him a cup of milk. Finally, he was still.

Almost asleep, daddy of course came in the door for lunch and got our son all wound up again.

I typically like to spend at least one weekend afternoon cleaning my house, especially getting all the dog hair off the toys. But with my little monster having to be in and on everything, cleaning is a challenge. But luckily – for me – he took a rare four-hour nap, allowing me to clean the entire house. When he woke, I had one room left to dust and sweep. So with Swiffer duster in hand, by boy dusted all the dressers and was actually a good little helper.

While the weather is still nice, dinners are often spent in the farm’s picnic grove with my husband’s parents and family friends. Oh how my boy loves to be the center of attention.

Sunday night’s dinner was grilled hot dogs and sweet corn. True farmer boy at heart, he downed four ears of corn on the cob. Yes, on the cob just like all the grown-ups.

The best part about him wanting to be so active and outside all the time, he falls asleep so easily and soundly – and so does mom.

~ Jessica Rose Spangler, market editor

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