Mud Season Has Begun

Life in the Farm Lane

3/17/2014 7:27 AM

I am so glad to see the mountains of snow that have stacked up at the farm melt away. But that rings in “mud season” around the farm as everything thaws.
My mother-in-law is shaking her head in exasperation as my son comes in from his afternoon barn chores, and his snow pants, boots and socks are covered in mud. She looked at me the other evening and said, “I think he must go out and roll around in the mud to get this dirty,” as she had washed them the night before. And I know he does not roll around in the mud, we do wonder how he takes a pristine, clean set of barn clothes and in the matter of a couple of hours, looks like he’s low-crawled through an obstacle course from the waist down.
But, it’s the season. I have always had a love/hate relationship with the spring thaw. The warmer weather inspires me to want to go outside and begin the cleanup around the garden and backyard at the house. But many places are so saturated with water, that alas, the work could cause more harm to the grass than leaving things as is.
And sending the kids to play in the backyard is a blessing – it helps to burn off their energy. And it's a curse – they usually end up playing in the mud puddles requiring an immediate change to their play clothes when they come inside.
It’s almost enough to wish for things to freeze again. Fortunately, I have seen the spring crocuses peeking out of the flowerbeds – a hopeful sign that warmer weather will begin to dry things up and spring can really begin.
-- Charlene Shupp Espenshade, special sections editor

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