Md. Dairy Princess Diaries: Update from the Road


4/3/2012 12:40 PM

I recently traveled to Garrett County for a few dairy promotions. We chose to leave on a Friday morning, which provided time for two local school visitations.

The morning began at Accident Elementary. The pre-K class was my first audience for the day, and they were thrilled. My crown caused their faces to glow with excitement.

I taught them about my job as Maryland Dairy Princess and encouraged them to have a healthy and nutritious diet. The teacher gladly reminded them that they could have milk or water for a snack-time beverage. Quickly the children began saying “I eat carrots!” “I eat apples!” and “I love chocolate milk!” It was the perfect time for a Dairy Princess lesson about the origin of their food.

During our imaginary field trip to the farm, I pretended to lead the students onto the bus and to the countryside. The enthusiasm immediately filled the room. The students added unexpected but realistic details. We pretended to milk cows, feed horses, pet cats (the meows began to sound) and pitch straw. At the end of the field trip the bus took us to the creamery as a class reward for good behavior. We enjoyed our mess-free ice cream as they told me what flavor they were eating.

I also visited fifth-grade classes and the special education department. The fifth-grade lesson focused on nutrition. Students took the nine essential nutrients as segments and formed them into the shape of a glass of milk. Each section had a function that magnetically attached to the nutrient. For the special education group, I presented my skit. They loved hearing me sing and gladly raise my MILK, CHEESE and YOGURT signs during my songs.

Before I left Accident, I traveled around the cafeteria and handed stickers to all the students. I asked them to identify dairy products on their plates. I was impressed when I saw the majority of the lunch trays had dairy products. My pre-k friends recognized me and began to wave. They proudly showed their healthy lunches and gave me high-fives. A few told me “I want to take you home and keep you forever.” However, I couldn’t stay and needed to make my way to the next school, Dennett Road Elementary.

There, first-grade classes held signs of dough, tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni. They understood that these basic ingredients made a pizza. All those ingredients came from a farm. After my presentation students were given goodie bags, and many students began to form a line. I had never felt so famous as I signed their bags! They were tickled.

My most helpful volunteer, from the special education program, loved princesses. I signed my dairy princess drawing and gave it to him for his assistance.

At the end of the day, I determined visiting schools was my favorite promotion because the happiness I saw in students made me even happier.
-- Renee Wilson, 2011-2012 Maryland Dairy Princess

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