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1/10/2011 10:28 AM

The 2011 PA Farm Show has officially kicked off and is rolling along with the usual large crowd of families and friendly faces that is a trademark of this great show.  On Friday, all of the exhibitors were busy at work putting their booths in place, and getting everything ready for the opening of the show Saturday morning.  We at Lancaster Farming were among the exhibitors setting up.  We are still in the new Expo Hall where you have seen us in before, but on the opposite corner of the center square that you are used to seeing us at, booth number 156.  Just look up, and you should see our Lancaster Farming mailbox that is about 13 feet above our booth.


When we re-launched our website back in August, we added a lot of new features and as a result have increased the size of our booth to allow us to showcase this as well.  If you visited us at Ag Progress, you probably remember seeing our live feed of the event that we had showing at our booth and streamed onto our website.  Well, we are doing it again now at the PA Farm Show.  You can access a live view of the show by going to  The newest, and in my opinion, the best part of our booth, is the fun photos we have set up.  You can stop by, have your picture taken and then have your face inserted into one of five templates we have put together.  If you want to have your whole family in a picture, we have a large picture of a barn that you can use as the backdrop for your portrait.  We ran the fun photo booth portion on Saturday and Sunday, but if you missed us, we will have it reopened this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well. 


Everything that you are accustomed to seeing at our booth will still be there.  We brought up about 5,000 copies of the Jan. 8 issue, and when I left the show Sunday, there were only about 1,500 copies left to hand out, so make sure you stop by and get a copy soon!  We also have free wall calendars available at our booth and are conducting two drawings. One is for a free one-year subscription, and the other is for a White Mountain ice cream freezer. 


So if you make it up to the PA Farm Show this year, make sure you come visit with us, get a free calendar, copy of the paper, sign up to win one of our two prizes and have a Fun Photo taken!  We look forward to seeing you there!


-John Betz

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