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B&B Spruces, Firs, Pine; low price &nice. we dig or you dig. Berks County, Himmelbergers; Call (610)562-3677   More Details

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Commercial Grower Seeds Commercial Grower Seeds ((High Quality High Quality)) Cucumber, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Peppers, Tomatoes, Broccoli and more. All High Yield Producers. FOR Roadside Markets, Greenhouses, Hobby Growers, Gardeners, Commercial Growers and Farmers. Below Wholesale Prices. Please write, call, text or e-mail for price list and descriptions. Mountain State Seed Co. 384 Foster Rd., N. Versailles, PA 15137 Mountain State Seed Co. 384 Foster Rd., N. V ...   More Details

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Dun Dunn Dunns Pride Trees 570-386-3724 Premium Evergreens 570-386-3724 Premium Evergreens o Arborvitae o Canadian o Arborvitae o Norway o Canadian Hemlock o Norway Spruce Hemlock o Douglas Fir Spruce o Blue Spruce o Douglas Fir o Fraser Fir o Blue Spruce o White Spruce o Fraser Fir o Concolor Fir o Concolor Fir o White Spruce o White Pine o White Pine Tr Trucki Trucking Trucking Trucking ng ng B&B o Cut B&B o Cut Available Schyulkil ...   More Details

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Mushroom Soil For Sale Feb. Discount 10% on Trailer Loads At a good price At a good price 717-319-1034    More Details

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Fresh Mushroom Soil 410-648-6211    More Details

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Vegetable Plants. 72, 128, 200 count trays. Delivery available. 302-398-4413   More Details

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Blueberry Plants (Organic) 2 yrs old, multi- branched, 2 ft. tall, ready to fruit Summer 2015. Over 32 Blueberry Va- rieties. Can ship berry bushes to you. Only $1.95 each. Minimum 50 Blueberry Plants per order. Call 609-561-5905    More Details

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King's AgriSeeds Inc. Kings agri-Seed agri-seeds agriseeds

Helping the family farm prosper by specializing in high quality forages and grazing since 1993.
60 N. Ronks Rd., Suite K, Ronks, PA 17572

Want to thicken your weak alfalfa stand?
Inter-Seed our Alta Sorghum Sudans

Serving North Carolina to Maine

www.kingsagriseeds.com   More Details

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