Partnerships Make the World Go Round

9/15/2012 7:00 AM

Jessica Rose Spangler


GETTYSBURG, Pa. — Rarely do you hear of an agriculture enterprise that operates with one sole person. There’s generally some sort of partnership needed to make it a success.

Creedin Cornman may not be an enterprise, but he needs partners too.

Once the milking animals left his dairy farm, Justa Beauty Holsteins, in 1988, Cornman found himself in a slightly odd predicament. Always interested in showing his animals and not being able to do it on his own, he determined that he needed a partner.

Enter Deanna and Dale Bendig of Spungold Holsteins. Prior to 1988, Cornman knew each of them individually because of the show circuit. He always admired them for their work ethic and passion for quality Holsteins.

So Cornman approached the Bendigs with a proposal — they would own half of any cow he had as long as the Bendig’s supplied the housing. And thus, the JB-SG partnership was born.

The JB-SG prefix is most recently recognized in conjunction with the name Dakota. <\n>JB-SG Aspen Dakota, scored Excellant-94, is the reigning two-time Pennsylvania Farm Show supreme champion.

While Deanna does all of the showing, Cornman is never far way. This railbird makes sure to be in attendance at all Dakota’s outings.

“He’s a great partner. He knows a lot about cows, cows back in the day. We’re working with families that he bred. Everything bred here at our farm went excellent,” Deanna said.

While attending shows alongside the Bendigs is a major part of Cornman’s life, he has yet another partner — Fred Strouse. After meeting Strouse at dairy shows over the years, they gradually became close friends and made it a habit to attend shows together.

Since the start of the All-American’s Premier National Junior Dairy Show, the pair has been working together as part of Patricia Hushon’s “Team Patti.”

“We help check animals in. On Monday (during the junior Holstein show), Fred is the ring man and I check the animals in,” Cornman said.

However, 2011 may have been the last time this dynamic duo worked the ring together. After attending World Dairy Expo in October of last year, Strouse suffered a stroke.

“Freddie has been improving very slowly as the stroke was severe, and he suffered one a couple of years ago. I do not know if he will make it to Harrisburg or not. It is hard to imagine going into Harrisburg without him. He means that much to the junior national shows.,” Hushon said.

Even though his trusty sidekick might not be in attendance, Cornman is planning on helping at this year’s show. When not assisting Hushon, he will be beside his cows in the Bendig show string.

Editor’s note: Dale and Deanna Bendig are selling most of their herd on Nov. 17, at a sale on their farm, Spungold Holsteins — 199 Woodside Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

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