Beaver Fair Livestock Sale Tops $106,000

10/20/2012 7:00 AM

BEAVER SPRINGS, Pa. — A record 110 buyers gathered to bid during the Youth Livestock Sale on Sept. 20 during the Beaver Community Fair. Prices remained steady as 4-H and FFA members paraded lambs, swine, steers and dairy beef, dairy cattle, goats, and rabbits into the sale arena for total sales exceeding $106,000.

Celebrating 100 years of Pennsylvania Fairs, and 4-H was the theme for the this year’s fair, and, an etched Milk Bottle celebrating these organizations was sold for $350 to Aurand Bro’s Fabrication and Repair, Middleburg, during the livestock sale. The proceeds were shared between the fair and the Snyder County 4-H program.

Ten steers and 46 dairy beef were sold. The grand champion steer exhibited by Abagail Stroup of Middleburg was purchased by Jerry Valentine Plumbing and Heating, and Middleburg Area Market and Auction LLC for $3,200. The reserve champion steer, raised and shown by Kayla McCloskey of McClure, was purchased by Hoss’s Steak and Sea House for $2,100. Steer prices ranged from $1,550 to $3,200 a head.

The grand champion dairy beef was purchased from Abagail Stroup of Middleburg by AgChoice Farm Credit and Middleburg Area Market and Auction LLC for $1,100. Josh Hollenbach sold his reserve champion dairy beef to Hillside Market for $1,000. Prices for dairy beef ranged from $450 to $1,500.

Next on the auction block were the specialty items — retired fair crocks, filled cheese baskets, etched and filled milk bottles, and the fair quilt.

Bringing $600 to the Eager Beaver 4-H Dairy Club was a filled cheese basket sold to Middleburg Area Market and Auction LLC. The quilt was purchased by Airy Dale Farm Market for $675. A selection of Beaver Community Fair crocks brought $150 to the general fair funds.

Next was the milk and cheese box auction. Proceeds are shared by the exhibitor and the fair. The cheese box and products inside represent the supreme champion dairy animal, a Red and White Holstein exhibited by Ashley Wetzel of Middleburg, and were purchased by Mabarbil Farm $220.

Other champion animals were represented by etched milk bottles filled with candy. The sales average for these bottles was $340. A filled cheese basket was sold to Keiser’s Butcher Shop for $145 to support the Beaver Community Fair Queen program.

Thirty-nine market goats were sold. The grand champion, exhibited by Gavin Herman of Beavertown, was purchased by Middleburg Area Market and Auction LLC for $450. The reserve grand champion, exhibited by Rachael Elliott of Beavertown, was purchased by On the Side Excavating and Landscaping for $350. The average price for goats was $269.36 per.

During the rabbit sale, 46 meat pen and single fryers were sold. West Milton State Bank purchased the grand champion meat pen for $300 from Jeanette Blank of Middleburg. The reserve champion meat pen, raised and shown by Jacob Weist of Middleburg, was purchased by Swineford National Bank for $500.

S & A Tires purchased the grand champion single fryer from Michael Zechman for $210. Cheyenne Blackwell sold her reserve grand champion single fryer to the S&A Tires for $235. Rabbit prices averaged $168.15 per animal.

In the lamb sale, 32 animals were sold. Prices ranged from $200 to $600 per head. Megan Fetterolf of Beavertown sold the grand champion to Middleburg Area Market and Auction LLC for $600. Snyder County Produce Auction purchased the reserve grand champion for $600 from Rebecca Lauver of Selinsgrove.

Forty-six swine were sold. George’s Farms Custom Butchering purchased the grand champion swine from Justin Sands of Mount Pleasant Mills for $775. The reserve champion, raised and shown by Rachel Spigelmyer of Mount Pleasant Mills, was purchased by Meiserville Milling LLC and Kirby Agri for $750.00. Swine prices ranged from $300 to $1,000 per animal.

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