Brubaker Siblings Place in Juniata Dairy Market Feeder Show

8/10/2013 7:00 AM
By Tabitha Goodling Central Pa. Correspondent

MIFFLINTOWN, Pa. — The Brubaker family of Mifflintown, Pa., Juniata County, put the words persuasion and perseverance to work as they raised three dairy feeder steers this year.

The three children — Monica, 14, Lance, 12, and Trevor, 9 — all placed within the top three in various classes at the Juniata County 4-H Fair, the week of July 30, at the Port Royal Fairgrounds.

Trevor received first year champion fitter and master showman. Lance received master showman, grand champion fitter and light middleweight champion.

After convincing his parents, Eric and Michelle Brubaker, to raise a dairy feeder steer, Lance placed first in his class at the 2012 youth fair and was named reserved grand champion.

After one year’s experience, Lance was ready to do it again and his actions persuaded Monica and Trevor to do the same.

The Brubakers are no strangers to raising farm animals. They work on a 300-acre farm and with 65-70 dairy cows, approximately 70 small animals and 50,000 broiler chickens.

Michelle and Eric Brubaker said that the experience for the children is one they will take with them for the rest of their lives whether they decide to farm or not.

“I was in 4-H growing up,” Michelle Brubaker said, “and I know it teaches about being responsible. I told (Lance) you have to be responsible. You have to get up before school and take care of (the steer).”

Dairy feeder steers were popular choices this past year as the Juniata County 4-H club saw an increase with 10 new members, said club leader Dina Zug.

Zug said she was surprised by the turn out and was not sure exactly why so many young individuals wanted to try to raise the steers. Yet, she said, the enthusiasm is evident with each student.

Trevor raised his steer, Oreyo to a weight of 540 pounds. “He doesn’t want to lead sometimes,” Trevor said prior to the show. He struggled with the steer during the event but managed to keep him close.

Monica’s 575-pound steer, Ruger, struggled with holding up his head. Lance said he felt King, at 530 pounds, was a well-behaved steer and could handle the competition.

The 12-year-old 4-H participant was correct in his assumption.

The 4-H show was judged by Brad Gill of Newport, Pa.

The judge noted that Lance’s technique was “coordinated and smooth,” and that he was “attentive to the judge.”

Monica and Lance’s steers were bought by Millerstown Vet and Associates. Trevor’s steer was purchased by Wade Cleck, Green Hills Farm.

First-place winners of the show are as follows:


Senior: Anna Hershey.

Intermediate: Lance Brubaker.

Junior: Rachael Delancey.

First year group A: Caleb Bargo.

First year group B: Rachel Bargo.


Senior: Anna Hershey.

Intermediate: Lance Brubaker.

<\!q>Junior: Rachael Delancey.

First year group A: Trevor Brubaker.

First year group B: Andrew Lauver.


Grand champion showman: Rachel Bargo.

Reserve grand champion showman: Anna Hershey.

Grand champion fitter: Lance Brubaker.

Reserve grand champion fitter: Anna Hershey.

Grand champion dairy market feeder: Andrew (Drew) Lauver.

Reserve grand champion dairy market feeder: Anna Hershey.

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