Shorthorn Sweeps Supreme Spot at Breeding Beef Pageant

10/13/2012 7:00 AM

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Shorthorn heifer CF Margie 119 Sol ET, exhibited by Autumn Robison of Markle, Ind., swept up the supreme female championship title of the Breeding Cattle Beef Pageant held Sunday at the 2012 Keystone International Livestock Exposition in Harrisburg.

The reserve female championship title went to Lowderman Cattle Co. of Macomb, Ill., with its entry, LCC Kee Wee 208X.

Richard Watson of Shady Valley, Tenn., was awarded the supreme male championship with his entry, RF Endurance 1301 ET.

CLO Captain America 704Y, exhibited by CLO Simmentals of Lebanon, Pa., took home the honor of reserve supreme male champion.

EMM Sales & Service Inc. of Brownstown, Pa., sponsored the supreme champion awards for the sixth consecutive year. Winning heifer owner Autumn Robison was given the yearlong use of a cattle trailer while Watson earned a $1,000 cash prize.

The judges for the show were Cassie Johnson of Cushey, Iowa; Blaine Brown of Frandfort, Ind.; and Gene Steiner of Mason, Ohio.

The grand champion females and bulls of each breed were:

American British White Park

Female: Mitchell Brower, Mayfield, N.Y.

Bull: Mitchell Brower, Mayfield, N.Y.


Female: Sarah Lownes, Coatesville, Pa.

Bull: John Hausner, Dover, Pa.


Female: Kallie Anne Knott, LaOtto, Ind.

Bull: Eric Ott and Emily Griffiths, Columbia City, Ind.


Female: Lowderman Cattle Comp., Macomb, Ill.

Bull: Richard Watson, Shady Valley, Tenn.


Female: Daniel Thorne, Georges Mills, N.H.

Bull: John and Judy Ligo, Grove City, Pa.


Female: Adam Griffith, Boonsboro, Md.

Bull: Thomas and Sons Farms, Boonsboro, Md.


Female: Kurt Fleener, Robesonia, Pa.

Bull: Kyle and Gayle Marshall, Ind.


Female: Tim Schaeffer, Hagerstown, Ind.

Bull: Kyle and Gayle Marshall, Ind.

Red Angus

Female: Jeffrey Keifer, Bangor, Pa.

Bull: Mike McPhee, Berlin Center, Ohio


Female: Autumn Robison, Markle, Ind.

Bull: Janel Rankin, Centerville, Pa.

Shorthorn Plus

Female: Kevin Stahl, Mercersburg, Pa.

Bull: Charles Marsch, Green Lane, Pa.


Female: CLO Simmentals, Lebanon, Pa.

Bull: CLO Simmentals, Lebanon, Pa.


Female: James, Jackie and Sara Campbell, Sycamore, Pa.

Bull: Kenneth Michael Poole, Union Bridge, Md.

Texas Longhorn

Female: Randy Sutton, Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.

Bull: Randy Sutton, Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.

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