For the Love of Muffin

1/19/2013 7:00 AM
By Jessica Rose Spangler Reporter

HARRISBURG, Pa. — “When I saw her earlier, I just fell in love,” dairy goat judge Tim Ness, of Illinois, said as the seven contestants for Best Doe in Show entered the ring.

Without much deliberation, Ness pointed to the brown Nubian, Muffin, and named her the overall champion at the 2013 Pennsylvania Farm Show, besting the 338 entries after 12 hours of competition.

“All of the goats in for champion are the best of their breed. They’re all pretty much cookie cutters of each other as far as structural correctness and mammary support and capacity,” Ness said. “It came down to the Nubian and Saanen. They’re close placings, but the Nubian has an advantage in general appearance,” referring to her front-end assembly and superior mammary system.

Lilac Corners Choclit Muffin, the full name of the 2-year-old champion, is owned by Diana Heimbach of Macungie, Pa.

Muffin got Heimbach her second best doe in show title in as many years, winning last year with Muffin’s mother, Lilac Corners Choclit Cupcake.

“This one took me by complete surprise. Last year was the first year I ever won,” Heimbach said, referring to the 12 years she’s shown at Farm Show without a win.

Muffin’s championship got her more than just a one-day win. She is now a permanent champion.

According to Chris Trowbridge, dairy goat department volunteer, a permanent champion is one that has won three championship legs in its lifetime. In Muffin’s case, Farm Show was her third championship, and from now on she will be referred to as a “permanent champion.”

This designation allows her special rights at future shows. Instead of having to compete in regular classes, Muffin can simply walk into the best of breed Nubian class and vie for the title that day.

Only the goats named “best of breed” compete for the best doe in show title.

Permanent champions still have the option of competing in regular classes, such as a 2-year-old milking class.

A list of dairy goat champions follows.


Grand Champion & Best of Breed

Rainbow Colors Fitz Mercedes, owned by Rick and Gwen Musselman, New Enterprise, Pa.

La Mancha

Grand Champion & Best of Breed

Land of Pure Delights Seabreeze, owned by Betty Bronson, Lewisburg, Pa.


Grand Champion & Best of Breed

Lilac Corners Choclit Muffin, owned by Diana Heimbach, Macungie, Pa.


Grand Champion & Best of Breed

C-Creek Yogie Zebbie, owned by Janice Kessler, Dover, Pa.


Grand Champion

Betty’s Aces C Bellmay, owned by Julie Cope, Danville, Pa.

Best of Breed

CH Circle B Farm Starstruck, owned by Jadyn Koser, Danville, Pa.

All Other Purebred

Grand Champion & Best of Breed

SG C-Creek Valentine Ysabel, owned by Edward Kessler, <\n>Dover, Pa.

Recorded Grades

Grand Champion and Best of Breed

Betty’s Acres A Juggler, owned by Betty Bronson, Lewisburg, Pa.

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