Hard Work, Dedication Pay Off for Jr. Livestock Exhibitors

1/15/2011 2:00 PM

Chris Torres
Staff Writer

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A livestock sale may not be the most exciting place to be. After all, it’s just some animals getting sold.

But throw in some kids and it starts sounding almost like a rock concert with all their friends cheering “yeah baby” from the stands.

Thus is the atmosphere at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Junior Livestock Sale.

It’s a chance for kids to get recognized for their hard work dealing with animals that may not always cooperate in a show ring. It’s also a chance for them to be stars, if only for a day.

For the buyers, it’s a chance to give back to their community.

Bill Campbell, founder of Hoss’s Steak and Sea House, has been purchasing junior livestock animals from the Farm Show for 22 years, and the sour economy hasn’t stopped him from continuing.

“That’s when you should do these kind of things,” he said, adding that he attends anywhere from 30 to 35 shows a year.

Campbell, a former FFA’er himself, said the sales give him a chance to give back to programs that helped him become a successful businessman.

“It feels good because you have so many good kids,” he said. “The average person doesn’t realize the work it takes to do what they do.”

Campbell was busy Tuesday, purchasing the grand champion market steer for $10,000 from Paige Stahl of Somerset County. The steer was later donated to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

All in all, the eight grand and reserve champion animals sold for a total of $43,200. A percentage of the proceeds goes to fund the Pennsylvania Farm Show Scholarship Foundation.

The reserve champion steer, owned by Brody Fitzgerald of Chester County, sold for $7,000 to John Rock Inc.

The grand champion junior market swine, shown by Colby Bomgardner of Lebanon County, was purchased by Hatfield Quality Meats for $6,500.

The reserve champion swine, owned by Scott Gardner of Fayette County, was purchased by Bell & Evans for $4,200.

Alpine Pole Buildings bought the grand champion junior market lamb from Ryan Witt of Fayette County for $4,700.

Delaney Carey’s reserve champion market lamb sold for $4,000 to a trio of buyers — Fulton Bank, Bell & Evans and Lebanon Valley Auction Co. Carey is from Lycoming County.

The grand champion market goat, shown by Megan Anderson of Bedford County, sold for $4,000 to Bedford Ford-Chrysler.

New Holland Sales Stables bought the reserve champion goat for $2,800 from Val Svonavec of Somerset County.

Even for those not selling a champion animal, the experience of showing at the Farm Show is still special.

Katelyn Macatee of Philadelphia, who keeps animals at Fox Chase Farm, was busy corralling her pig just before it was sold at the sale.

Even though she lives in the city and could have easily gotten a cat or dog, she likes the challenge of raising livestock better.

“I just like animals. I thought it was something different,” Macatee said.

Sarah Espey, 17, of Westmoreland County, is a Farm Show veteran who has been showing animals there since she was 8 years old.

Standing alongside her market hog, “Peanut,” she said she still finds excitement coming to the show.

“It’s a pretty big accomplishment,” Espey said. “You’re showing with the best of the best.”

Nick Pudliner, 16, of New Florence, Pa., is a newcomer to the Farm Show. This is his second year competing, and he enjoys the challenge.

“It’s pretty cool. You get to compete against people in the state,” Pudliner said. “It’s a lot of work feeding them, keeping them looking good.”

Following is a list of the 2011 Pennsylvania Farm Show scholarship winners.

Denise Lois Beam, Elverson, is the daughter of Nelson and Marilyn Beam.

Annie Lynn Cekada, Mineral Point, is the daughter of Robert and Shelly Craft.

Elizabeth Dewalt, Easton, is the daughter of Steven and Diane Dewalt.

Amanda N. Dobbs, Newport, is the daughter of Lee and Pamela Dobbs.

Brandon Tyler Dunlap, Shippensburg, is the son of Darrin and April Dunlap.

Ryan Keith Fisher, Bethel, is the son of Randolph and Wendy Fisher.

Hannah Mary Grim, East Berlin, is the daughter of Gregory Grim and Elizabeth Landis.

Beth Ann Hartzog, Patton, is the daughter of William and Margaret Hartzog.

Lisa Hershey, Kirkwood, is the daughter of F. Leslie and Lois Hershey.

Kimberly Lynn Langhans, Elizabethville, is the daughter of Daniel and Barbara Langhans.

Troy Kenneth Longenecker, Annville, is the son of Paul and Joy Longenecker.

Lexie Joan Matthews, Scenery Hill, is the daughter of Randy and April Matthews.

Anthony Miller Jr., Northern Cambria, is the son of Anthony and Mary Joy Miller.

Laura Ann Pifer, Rochester Mills, is the daughter of George and Beth Winebark.

Darla Joanne Romberger, Pitman, is the daughter of William and Kathleen Romberger.

Samantha Evans Sarnicke, McMurray, is the daughter of Samuel and Sandra Sarnicke.

Ashley Nicole Shaw, Harrisburg, is the daughter of Matthew and Angela Shaw.

Jena Lee Sigel, Breezewood, is the daughter of Eddie and Ronda Sigel.

Jessica M. Sheruda, Dalton, is the daughter of Michael and Beverly Sheruda.

Robyn T. Terrel, Honesdale, is the daughter of Robert and Barbara Terrel.

Justene Marie Testa, Latrobe, is the daughter of Mark and Dorothy Testa.

Levi Aaron Tinney, Covington, is the son of Brian and Dawn Tinney.

Rebecca Jo Wenger, Annville, is the daughter of Lee and Beverly Wenger.

Hannah Wentworth, Quarryville, is the daughter of Robert and Bonnie Wentworth.

Caitlin Marie Wolfgang, Middletown, is the daughter of Brian Wolfgang and Patricia Kuharic.

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