Troy Fair Supreme Dairy Champion Selected With a Kiss

8/24/2013 7:00 AM
By Carolyn N. Moyer Northern Pa. Correspondent

TROY, Pa. — There are as many ways to select a champion as there are cows in contention for the title.

Some judges like to walk up to the exhibitor and offer a firm handshake. Some like to deliver a stinging slap on the rump of the designated animal, but Adam Sonnen, judge of the 2013 Troy Fair Open Dairy Shows, chose a much softer method.

Sonnen asked Lu-Anne Antisdel, Bradford County’s dairy princess, to plant a big kiss on the winner — and she agreed to do it.

After the two-day show, which posted 378 entries, the crowd went wild when the princess walked up to Marc Waltemyer’s senior 3-year-old Jersey, Gypsy Hill Excitation Rebe, and planted a big smooch on the end of her nose.

“Congratulations to our Jersey cow. She’s been on the money the whole day,” said Sonnen, who described the cow as having a flash that caught his eye when she walked into the ring.

He followed her with the Brown Swiss junior 3-year-old, Top Acres Garbo Wanda-ET, owned by Brian Sparling.

“She’s got a bright future,” Sonnen said of the reserve supreme champion.

Also in contention for the supreme champion title were the grand champion Ayrshire, Lone-Elm Modem Lady, a 5-year-old owned by Hoppaugh Farms; the grand champion Milking Shorthorn, Spungold-R Poppy’s Petal, a spring calf owned by Aaron Sparling; the grand champion Holstein, D Andrews Shottle Icer, a 4-year-old owned by Duane and Ellen Andrews; and the grand champion Red and White, Lawrence Haven Adore Red, an aged cow owned by Duane and Ellen Andrews.

The grand champion Guernsey, Samantha Klinger’s junior 3-year-old, WR Meadows Nomar Noorjehan, did not compete for the supreme title.

The 2013 dairy shows were dedicated to F. Dale Mattocks for his lifetime support of dairy, especially youth programming.

As a 50-year leader of the Leona 4-H Dairy Club, Mattocks’ influence on countless youths was evident as former members stood in recognition of his efforts during the award presentation.

Those former 4-H members have continued to be involved in the dairy industry and are now leaders for other youths. Mattocks has passed the leadership gavel to former member Dean Jackson and his wife, Rebecca, who are continuing the tradition.

“Thank you to each and every one of you,” Mattocks said. “I had a good time and I enjoyed it.”

Troy Fair Open Dairy Show Results


Spring Calf: Megan Kovacs

Winter Calf: Kali Terrel

Summer Yearling: Christine Smith

Spring Yearling: Amberleigh Packard

Winter Yearling: Megan Kovacs

Junior Champion: Kali Terrel

Reserve Junior Champion: Megan Kovacs

Dry Cow 4-Years and Under: Vincent and Debbie Neville

Dry Cow 5-Years and Over: Kyle Sharer

Junior 2-Year-Old: Vincent and Debbie Neville

Senior 2-Year-Old: Megan Terrel

Junior 3-Year-Old: Megan Kovacs

Senior 3-Year-Old: Hoppaugh Farms

Four-Year-Old: Hoppaugh Farms

Five-Year-Old: Hoppaugh Farms

Six-Years and Over: Hoppaugh Farms

Senior Champion: Hoppaugh Farms

Reserve Senior Champion: Hoppaugh Farms

Brown Swiss

Spring Calf: Barry Sparling

Winter Calf: Barry Sparling

Fall Calf: Barry Sparling

Summer Yearling: Abbie Kuhlman

Spring Yearling: Michala Kuhlman

Winter Yearling: Kyle Sharer

Fall Yearling: Richard Sharer

Junior Champion: Brian Sparling

Reserve Junior Champion: Abbie Kuhlman

Dry Cow 4-Years and Under: Barry Sparling

Senior 2-Year-Old: Barry Sparling

Junior 3-Year-Old: Brian Sparling

Four-Year-Old: Mikayla Kuhlman

Five-Year-Old: Abbie Kuhlman

Six-Years and Over: Abbie Kuhlman

Senior and Grand Champion: Brian Sparling

Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion: Abbie Kuhlman


Winter Calf: Samantha Klinger

Fall Calf: Samantha Klinger

Spring Yearling: Samantha Klinger

Fall Yearling: Samantha Klinger

Junior Champion: Samantha Klinger

Reserve Junior Champion: Samantha Klinger

Dry Cow 5-Years and Over: Samantha Klinger

Junior 3-Year-Old: Samantha Klinger

Five-Year-Old: Samantha Klinger

Senior and Grand Champion: Samantha Klinger

Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion: Samantha Klinger


Spring Calf: Makenzie Root

Winter Calf: Kyle Jackson

Fall Calf: Hannah Jackson

Summer Yearling: Katelyn Nolt

Spring Yearling: Katie Jackson

Winter Yearling: Karlee Jefferson

Fall Yearling: Katy Jefferson

Junior Champion: Katie Jackson

Reserve Junior Champion: Hannah Jackson

Dry Cow 5-Years and Over: Snowcrest Farm

Junior 2-Year-Old: Katie Jackson

Senior 2-Year-Old: Promise Haven Farm

Junior 3-Year-Old: Clark Jackson

Senior 3-Year-Old: Ellen Andrews

Four-Year-Old: Duane and Ellen Andrews

Five-Year-Old: Duane and Ellen Andrews

Six-Years and Over: Duane and Ellen Andrews

Lifetime Production: Snowcrest Farm

Senior and Grand Champion: Duane and Ellen Andrews

Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion: Duane and Ellen Andrews


Spring Calf: Jessica Nolt

Winter Calf: Jessica Nolt

Fall Calf: Jessica Nolt

Summer Yearling: Gypsy Hill Farm

Spring Yearling: Gypsy Hill Farm

Winter Yearling: Willow Voegtlen

Fall Yearling: Willow Voegtlen

Junior Champion: Jessica Nolt

Reserve Junior Champion: Jessica Nolt

Dry Cow 4-Years and Under: Brooke Ostrander

Dry Cow 5-Years and Over: Gypsy Hill Farm

Junior 2-Year-Old: Shelby Crawford

Senior 2-Year-Old: Eric Shedden

Junior 3-Year-Old: Daniel Hoppaugh Jr.

Senior 3-Year-Old: Gypsy Hill Farms

Four-Year-Old: Eric Shedden

Five-Year-Old: Gypsy Hill Farm

Six-Years and Over: Gypsy Hill Farm

Senior and Grand Champion: Gypsy Hill Farm

Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion: Jessica Nolt

Milking Shorthorn

Spring Calf: Aaron Sparling

Winter Calf: Matt Thomas

Spring Yearling: Matt Thomas

Junior Champion and Grand Champion: Aaron Sparling

Reserve Junior Champion: Matt Thomas.

Junior 3-Year-Old: Matt Thomas

Senior Champion: Matt Thomas

Red and White

Spring Calf: Aaron Sparling

Winter Calf: Katy Jefferson

Fall Calf: Katelyn Nolt

Summer Yearling: Patrick Workman

Spring Yearling: Grace Andrews

Winter Yearling: Carlsen Farm

Fall Yearling: Kyle Jackson

Junior Champion: Katy Jefferson

Reserve Junior Champion: Katelyn Nolt

Dry Cow 4-Years and Under: Cecilia Morse

Junior 2-Year-Old: Katelyn Nolt

Senior 2-Year-Old: Keegan Braund

Junior 3-Year-Old: Snowcrest Farm

Senior 3-Year-Old: Vincent and Debbie Neville

Four-Year-Old: Shawnee Comstock

Six-Years and Over: Duane and Ellen Andrews

Senior and Grand Champion: Duane and Ellen Andrews

Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion: Katelyn Nolt

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