NorthEast Butter

10/3/2012 3:00 PM

MADISON, WI. October 03,, 2012 (Report 40)
The CME Group butter price was unchanged Tuesday and closed at
$1.9500. The butter price has leveled off over the last 5 trading
sessions with only a 1 cent increase in light trading. Cream
supplies have tightened in some areas as demand for cream has
improved. Good cream volumes continue to come onto the market from
yogurt and Class I bottling plants. Butter production has increased
as most major butter makers are now receiving orders for the upcoming
holiday season. Some butter makers are maximizing their production
schedules and adding to inventories. Butter makers are less likely
to opt for export opportunities, requiring short term deliveries, as
they focus on covering their domestic holiday demand. Cooperatives
Working Together (CWT) has accepted requests for export assistance to
sell 200,621 pounds (91 metric tons) of butter. The products will be
delivered from September through March 2013. During 2012, CWT has
assisted member cooperatives in making export sales of butter
totaling 58.3 million pounds and anhydrous milk fat totaling 123,459
pounds. Current bulk butter prices range from 4-8 cents over the
market based on the CME Group with various time frames and averages


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