New York Spring Carousel Kicks Off Show Season

4/26/2014 7:00 AM
By Chris Torres Regional Editor

The show season got under way earlier this month in Syracuse as more than 1,000 animals competed in the New York Spring Dairy Carousel.

More than 1,500 people attended the three-day event — April 12-14 — that featured individual shows for the major dairy breeds, including two separate shows for Holsteins.

“If you have an animal that is really looking her best in the spring, this is the show you need to go to,” said Patsy Griffith, executive manager of the show.

Griffith said this year’s show attracted competitors from 18 states as well as Canada.

The centerpiece of the show, the International Holstein Show, was held April 14. The show included 190 animals.

“We were very well represented by our membership by some of the best cattle in New York,” she said. “It starts the show season in New York. This is really the kick-off for us.”

Robrook Goldwyn Cameron, a 5-year-old cow owned by Budjon Farms of Lomansee, Wis., Peter Vail and Clark Woodmansee, was named grand and senior champion of the show.

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET, a 4-year-old cow owned by Matt Iager, Ernest Kueffner, River Valley Dairy and St. Jacobs ABC, was named reserve grand and reserve senior champion.

The junior champion of the open show was Comestar Larion Goldwyn, a fall yearling owned by Jeff Butler and Declan Patten of Chebanse, Ill., while the reserve junior champion was the second place fall yearling, Peticlerc Gold Saltalamacchia, owned by Ferme J-P Petitclerc & Fils of Saint-Basile, Quebec.

Andrew Reynolds of Corfu, N.Y., swepped the junior show, winning grand and senior champion with Co-Vale Zenith Darla, and reserve grand and reserve senior champion with Mill-Wheel Adv Carolina-ET.

Ferme Petitclerc Holsteins of Saint-Basile, Quebec, was named premier breeder and exhibitor of the show.

The April 12 New York Spring Holstein Sale included 100 animals. The top-selling animal sold for $80,000, which Griffith said could be a record. The sale grossed $820,400, with an average selling price of $9,280, up 34 percent from last year’s $6,900 average sale price. Richmond Farm Dairy of New Collins, N.Y., sold an animal for $55,000.

Griffith said the high average price likely reflects the good milk prices and lower input costs dairy farmers are currently enjoying.

“This is an exciting time in the dairy industry with good prices, with milk and beef prices being high, and feed costs a little lower,” she said. “People are making some money and enjoying what they’re doing. What that does for attitude and excitement, it played out in the sales.”

While the show is continuing to attract some of the nation’s top dairy animals, Griffith said the show is seeing fewer New York-based exhibitors than it has in the past.

“We probably used to get more New York participation. But with very high-end competition and the expense to do it, some of the people that know they don’t have the quality won’t show here as much anymore,” she said.

Still, winning at spring carousel can be a big deal, especially for someone looking to cash in on the value of an animal.

“Because of the level of the show, a win or even doing well here, say top-10 at our shows, really enhances the value of the animal,” she said.

Here are the complete results from the International Holstein Show:

Open Show

Senior and Grand Champion: Robrook Goldwyn Cameron, Budjon Farms, Peter Vail, St. Jacobs and Clark Woodmansee, Lomira, Wis.

Intermediate Champion: Arethusa Sanchez Dice, Arethusa Farm, Litchfield, Conn.

Junior Champion: Comestar Larion Goldwyn, Jeff Butler and Declan Patten, Chebanse, Ill.

Winter Heifer: Ms Absolute Sunspot-Red-ET, C & J Hill, F. Connelly, T. Merwarth, G. Coughlin, Thurmont, Md.

Fall Heifer Calf: Zehrview Attic Eggo, Eaton, Murphy, Allyn and Culbertson, Canaan, Ct.

Summer Yearling: Bray-Field Gold Roulette, Doeberiener, Heath, Bowen, West Salem, Ohio.

Spring Yearling: Mapelwood Windhammer Elegance, Jeff Butler and Ernest Kueffner, Boonsboro, Md.

Winter Yearling: Altona Lea Stanleycup Gretzky, Austin Yoder and Matthias Schwartzentrubar, Montezuma, Ga..

Fall Yearling: Comestar Larion Goldwyn, Jeff Butler and Declan Patten, Chebanse, Ill.

Junior Best Three Females: Ferme Peticlerc.

Junior 2-Year-Old: Cameron-Ridge Atwood Beauty, Chris and Jennifer Hill and Gene Iager, Thurmont, Md.

Senior 2-Year-Old: Desnette Brielle Lauthority, Ernest Kueffner and Jeffrey Butler, Boonsboro, Md.

Junior 3-Year-Old: Windy-Knoll-View Parfait-ET, James and Nina Burdette, Mike, Matt and Mark Iager, Mercersburg, Pa.

Senior 3-Year-Old: Arethusa Sanchez Dice, Arethusa Farm, Litchfield, Ct.

4-Year-Old: Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET, M. Iager DVM, E. Kueffner, River Valley Dairy and St Jacobs, Boonsboro, Md.

5-Year-Old: Robrook Goldwyn, Budjon Farms, Peter Vail, St. Jacobs and Clark Woodmansee, Lomira, Wis.

Aged Cow: Windy-Knoll-View Panini-ET, James and Nina Burdette, Mercersburg, Pa.

150,000 Pound Cow: Dithmarsia Black Ice Lara, Paul Johannssen, Mohawk, N.Y.

Produce of Dam: Windy-Knoll-View.

Best Three Females: Windy-Knoll-View.

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor: Ferme Petitclerc, St. Basile, Quebec.

Junior Show

Senior and Grand Champion: Co-Vale Zenith Darla, Andrew Reynolds, Corfu, N.Y.

Intermediate Champion: Four-Hills Gwyn Rikki 3233, Elizabeth and Brittney Hill, Bristol, Vt.

Junior Champion: Siemers Damion Scar-Let-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor, Lauren Siemers, Newton, Wis.

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