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1/10/2011 8:02 PM
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Being that I am a staff writer for Lancaster Farming, I get the privilege of getting a behind-the-scenes look at Farm Show events throughout the week.
But it's nice to be able to just go and enjoy the sights and smells of the event without carrying a pen and a notebook.
So on Sunday, I, along with the my wife and child, made the trek to Harrisburg for a day of fun and food (nothing beats a milkshake, chicken sandwich and a bloomin onion for lunch).
The crowd, let's just say, was amazing.
In my four years or so of covering the event, I have never seen it so crowded as it was on Sunday.
Maybe it was that "massive" snowstorm I heard someone quip about on Saturday. Heck, Ed Rendell made it on Saturday. I think he stayed clear of calling people wussies though.
Whatever it was, Farm Show was packed on Sunday.
Thankfully, we got there just in time for lunch. 
The lines for those famous milkshakes, french fries and chicken sandwiches were incredibly long. It made for some funny small talk with other patient souls. But hey, we were all there on the same mission: making our wife and kid happy.
I got to check out a series of videos on farms produced by Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and PCN. It was good to see people in line watching the video and acting as if they were interested in farming. I hope they learned something.
After lunch, I decided to take my son to see the animals.
It was a courageous trek up the jam-packed escalator in the main lobby, past the large arena, down another set of escalators and through some cow patties. But we made it without injury.
Let me tell you, nothing makes a proud papa happier than seeing his cute son shouting out the names of the animals. At least he has learned something. 
After listening to a few pigs shriek and a couple of lambs say baaaa, we made it into what I call sample city.
All of those samples of meats, syrups and dips in the Main Hall can make for a hearty dinner itself. My brother-in-law loves this part. He is a good guy, but also cheap.
The Main Hall is a neat place. Anything and everything under the sun is in there. It's one of my favorite parts of the show.
After grabbing a couple of samples of Turkey Hill Ice Cream, it was time to go back home and drown my sorrows in another Eagles playoff loss. 
All in all, a pretty good Farm Show Sunday.
Chris Torres, Lancaster Farming Staff Writer

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