Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding and Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Brig. Gen. Mark McCormack honored members of the PA Preferred Homegrown by Heroes program for their service to our nation and to Pennsylvania, through their military service and work in agriculture. Read more

The Koch family had been raising turkeys for more than 50 years when they switched their birds to a vegetarian diet, stopped using antibiotics and relied on supportive supplements to boost natural immunity, and became more diligent with ventilation, space and bedding in his turkey barns. Read more

The U.S. ag economy continues to struggle because of low prices, trade disruptions and bad weather. The current downturn has lasted for most of this decade, yielding percentage declines in net farm income that are comparable to the farm crises of the 1980s, 1950s and 1920s. Read more

Hatcheries are already high-tech places, but innovative machinery could further improve efficiency and animal welfare. Technology can also make up some of the poultry industry’s worker shortage, said Emily Lhamon, a Penn State Extension educator. Read more

A recent workshop presented by Cornell AgriTech on FSMA helped participants better understand the regulations that went into effect in late 2018. The Northeast Center to Advance Food Safety, USDA and National Institute of Food and Agriculture supported the workshop. Read more