The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a handy guidebook, some farmers claim. I have purchased copies the past couple of years. They’ve been entertaining reads and as fate would have it, I discovered they have a “garden planting guide.” Read more

Well, it’s been six months since I wrote my last “Life in the Farm Lane” blog. And it’s been a pretty full six months for me, mostly because my family and I welcomed our daughter into the world in March.  Read more

I love farmers markets. They help complement my attempts at gardening and my mission to keep my blueberry bush going strong. But my budget can quickly fall apart when walking the isles of the market looking at the products and trying to decide what I will take home. Read more

Kindergarten graduation was last week. The children talked about what they want to do when they grow up. Many aspired to become doctors, lawyers, firemen, police officers or teachers. The idea that they could be anything they wanted to be was a theme that accompanied what they learned throug… Read more

The good news, my garden is taking shape. The bad news, it’s been really dry until this week. Before the recent rains, working in the garden has been like working in glorified concrete. Lancaster County is rumored to have some of the best ground in Pennsylvania, but you wouldn’t know it from… Read more

Daisy, an English shepherd puppy, arrived at our home about a month ago. She’s a wonderful dog, but have no doubt, she’s turned our lives upside down. Some ways it’s been great. The boys love playing with her. The excited yips and boys shouts as they play – a favorite is tossing an old rubbe… Read more

It’s official – chores have a greater impact on children’s success than education. It’s hard to believe that making the bed, taking out the garbage, feeding the calves and doing the dishes can chart the path to success, but it’s true. Read more

Mykids’ school opts for a readathon to raise funds for school educationalupgrades. I love this option for fundraising. I have found it easier toask people to supportthe kids reading rather than sellingwrapping paper, candy or other traditional fundraising items. However,the challenge is buck… Read more

I, like everyone else on the East Coast, am fed up with winter. Storm after storm, sickness after sickness – enough is enough! Read more

February is going to be busy for me as dairy princess with library visits, agriculture week at the local mall and then the state dairy convention at the end of this month. Valentine’s Day is this month, so here is a fantastic recipe for Valentine’s Day to share. It is packed with dairy goodn… Read more

Class valentines – They are a great memory and a curse. I remember as a kid sitting at the dining room table working through the lists, packing them up and sharing them with my classmates at Mill City Elementary School. Read more

The sheer mention of snow causes excitement. I've never quite understood why, when I walk down the aisles of the grocery store, all the bread, eggs and milk will be completely wiped out. And now the bottled water will also be gone. Read more

I love the game Monopoly. As a child, it was always the one game I begged to play when I visited Grandma Cook’s house. And, on the days my Uncle Brent felt up to the challenge, he’d pull it out and my cousins and we would be occupied for hours. Read more

With a food court bustling with people and thousands of milkshakes, potatoes, apple dumplings and other items flying across the counters, food insecurity is not a topic you expect to be discussed. But dotted throughout the Farm Show complex are milk cans encouraging people to donate a few do… Read more

With the holiday season upon us, it’s only natural – for me anyway – to be thinking of the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus Christ. As I was sitting here trying to figure out a way to intertwine this magical theme with dairy farming, I came up with this:  Read more

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and my family is stressing on how to make the holiday work around chores. I have to admit, most of my friends are amazed at the coordination it takes for the entire Espenshade clan to get to its Thanksgiving celebrations. Read more

I’ve been very busy doing promotions around the state, and I hear many misconceptions about the dairy industry. As the state dairy princess, my job is to inform consumers about the truth in dairy.  Read more