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The Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast is a continuing exploration of hemp's return to the agricultural fields of Pennsylvania and the United States.

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This week we talk to Ray Maki, a hemp farmer on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. We hear about his hemp operation, what sorts of challenges he faces in terms of geography and policy in Hawaii, why he put electric lights in his hemp fields last winter and why he won't be doing that again this year. We talk about permaculture, Korean Natural Farming practices, the arbitrary nature of THC limits and why genetics are the key to success for growing hemp in Hawaii. Read more

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On this week’s podcast we talk to Reggie Weedman whose  quest to find total-THC compliant CBD genetics that will stay compliant even in Hawaii. Then we talk to seed breeder Jeremy Klettke from Davis Hemp in Oregon whose genetics are producing successful crops in Hawaii. Read more

Hemp planting season is underway in Pennsylvania, so on this week's show we check in on four different hemp operations to see how the season is progressing. Read more

Pennsylvania Hemp Steering Committee leadership chair Dr. Ron Kander explains how the steering committee works, the challenges they face, and the principles that guide the committee. Then Adam Dietrich from ReBlocks, a Denver, Colorado-based company that uses recycled plastic to make building materials, explains how his company uses hemp in their composites. Read more

This week's show is divided into two parts. The first is a Fiberside Chat interview with Brianna Kilcullen, founder of Anact (, a company that makes sustainable bath and hand towels from hemp fibers. We hear about what motivated her to start the business and the challe… Read more

One of the buzzwords in the hemp space this year is autoflower. But what is it and why would you want to grow it? This episode answers those questions and a whole lot more with a roundtable panel discussion about autoflowering varieties of industrial hemp with Lancaster County farmer Steve Groff, Atlas Seed Co. Breeder Joe Ullman, and Atlas Seed Co. grower Ryan Power. Read more

On this week’s podcast, Kentucky farmer Mike Broihier talks about the hemp industry in Kentucky, what he would do as a Senator to help farmers, and how the Marine Corps and farming have prepared him for his first venture into politics. Read more

This week’s guest on the podcast is Dr. Patti Mayfield, a veterinarian and hemp farmer in Oregon, where she is also a member of the Veterinary Cannabis Society, which promotes education, safety, and legislative change surrounding the use of medical cannabis for pets. Read more

Our guest this week is Corbett Hefner, vice president of research and development at Formation Ag, who tells us all the different lines of equipment his company has to offer hemp farmers and processors, including the FiberTrack 660, a one-ton-per-hour decorticator. Read more

A new edition of Jack Herer's famous book The Emperor Wears No Clothes is now available — in print and as an e-book for the first-time. This week's show is a conversation with the editors of the new edition, Bruce Michael Dietzen and Dan Herer, son of the author who passed away in 2010. Read more

If you’re growing hemp as a medicine, it’s wise to pay attention to the terpene profile of your crop, says hemp breeder Joe Ullman of Atlas Seed Co. and guest on this week’s podcast. This is a deep dive on terpenes – what they are, how they work and why you should care. Read more

Hemp farmers, like everybody else, are caught up in the pandemic shutdown. We talk to Kristen Nichols from Hemp Industry Daily to find out what kind of finical assistance is available, how you can access it, and who is eligible? And then We talk to Lindsay Dawley from Almanac Hemp. Read more

On episode 79 of the podcast, we cover some of the recent hemp news, including how the COVID-19 shutdown is affecting the application process for hemp growers in Pennsylvania. Plus Georgia and Iowa now have official hemp programs, and South Dakota has finally legalized industrial hemp at the state level. And the National Hemp Association is offering a hemp growers webinar series for its members. Read more

Episode 77 of the Industrial Hemp Podcast features a conversation with Cullen Raichart, founder and CEO of GreenBroz, a company that makes automated harvest solutions for the cannabis industry. Read more

Why is the state of Colorado continuing to operate its hemp program under the 2014 Farm Bill this growing season instead of adopting a USDA’s interim final rule? We talk to Colorado hemp manager Brian Koontz from the Colorado Department of Agriculture to find out. Read more

On this week’s podcast, we talked to Erica Stark from the National Hemp Association to find out what this means for farmers and for the industry as a whole. We also hear about the NHA’s recent partnership with New Holland Ag and the Hemporium at Kutztown University on March 13. Read more

Episode 74: This week we talk to Josh Leidhecker of Susquehanna Hemp and Susquehanna Mills in Lycoming County, where he’s been growing for fiber, seed and CBD since 2017. From grain hemp to the current CBD market, this wide-ranging interview will be of great interest to hemp farmers. Read more

On this week’s podcast, we talk to Representative Margo Davidson, a Democrat from the 164th Legislative District in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and Representative Russ Diamond, a Republican from the 102nd Legislative District in Lebanon County, who have formed an informal industrial hemp caucus in the Pennsylvania State House in effort to educate their fellow lawmakers on hemp and to ensure that all citizens of the Commonwealth can benefit from what Diamond calls an “economic boon” for the state. Read more

Episode 71: This week we talk to Jay Stucky, a CBD hemp farmer in upstate New York. His many concerns about the CBD industry include the high price of CBD and how processors and retailers are making all the money — not the farmers. In this wide ranging conversation, Stucky addresses the call to raise the THC level in hemp from 0.3% to 1%, which he says is not necessary. Read more

Episode 70: On this episode of the podcast we talk to hemp builder Cameron McIntosh of Americhanvre Cast-Hemp in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and we also check in with Dr. Steve Groff from Groff North America to hear about their expansion in the CBD space with Pharmacy Partners. Read more

Episode 69: This week we talk to seed breeder Joe Ullman from Atlas Seed Company where they're bringing to market two autoflower varieties of industrial hemp this year. We explore the benefits of autoflower and why it’s perfect for commercial production of CBD, especially in light of the new USDA rules. Read more

Episode 68: Farmers in New Jersey can now grow industrial hemp in the Garden State. In this week’s show, we talk to New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher and the Director of the Division of Plant Industry at the New Jersey Department of Agriculture Joe Zoltowski. Read more

Episode 67: This week’s Industrial Hemp Podcast was recorded live at the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, featuring an in-depth discussion of the 2020 hemp program in Pennsylvania with Fred Strathmeyer, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, and Sarah Pickel, the hemp program coordinator at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Read more

In part ONE of the Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast Year End Spectacular Double Episode, we talk to National Hemp Association chairman Geoff Whaling, cannabis lawyer Nathalie Bougenies, hemp sports car maker Bruce Dietzen, and a hemp farmer from the plain community of Lancaster County. Read more

In part TWO of the Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast Year End Spectacular Double Episode, we hear from hemp guitar maker Jay Burstein, hemp innovator Steve Groff, healthcare consultant Jessie Johnson, and hemp farmer Tom Culton. Read more

This week on the Industrial Hemp Podcast we talk to hemp farmer Ben Davies from Wild Fox Farm in eastern Berks County, Pennsylvania, where he and his wife Karah have developed 17 different retail products from their high CBD hemp harvest – everything from lip balm and tinctures to herbal tea and pet products. Read more

This week we talk to Sarah Yetman, owner of CDB importer and exporter Sovereignport, explains how she works with farmers, governments and businesses all around the world to provide shipping and logistics solutions for buyers and sellers of CBD, from isolate to flower to biomass. Read more

This week’s guest, Steve Allin, has been using hemp as a building material for decades on hemp projects all over the world. He is the director of the International Health Building Association and has quite literally written the book on Building with Hemp. Read more

This week we talk to Larry Nagle, founder of the Cannabis College of America, designed to teach students the various phases of growing, harvesting, drying and packaging hemp. The school will offer online and in class sessions starting this January. Read more

As the hemp industry invents itself in Pennsylvania, many new and surprising partnerships arise. Cynthia Petrone-Hudock spent most of her career in finance and healthcare, but now she’s the CEO for Hemp-Alternative, and is joined on the podcast by Jamie Hicks, crop farmer and co-owner of Hicks Brothers, LLC, the farming operation that raised hemp in partnership with Hemp-Alternative. Read more

First we talk to Joshua Decatur, CEO of Trace, a Vermont-based technology company that is building a block-chain based application that will help standardize and verify hemp crop information. Then we talk to hemp farmer Bryson Clark from Horseheads, New York. And then we hear from Dr. Steve Groff of Groff North America. Read more

Episode 56: On this week’s podcast we talk to Dr. Mowgli Holmes, co-founder and CEO of Phylos, a plant science company that is trying to revolutionize the hemp industry through data, technology and expertise. Read more

Seven farmers share their stories of theft and security in the newest episode of the Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast. These farmers employ methods of security ranging from field cams and motion sensors to armed guards and booby traps. Read more

Episode 54: Live from the 2019 Pennsylvania Hemp Summit at the Lancaster Convention Center in downtown Lancaster, PA, where we talk to seed breeders and hemp growers Tom Culton and Joe Ullman, who spoke about the importance of knowing where your seed comes from and why autoflower genetics might just be the next big thing in hemp farming. Read more

Episode 53: On this week’s show, we check in with the gang at Floyd’s of Leadville – Floyd Landis, Jake Sitler and Wayne Bendistis – who bring us up to speed on their endeavor to contract Pennsylvania farmers to grow high-quality, organic hemp for their line of nationally distributed CBD products. Read more

Episode 52: On this week’s show, we talk to Tara Caton, the research coordinator at the Rodale Institute where she is the leader of the industrial hemp research trials. Then we talk to organic hemp farmer Eric White, also known as the Wild American. Read more

On this week's show, we feature a small first time hemp operation in Bucks County. We talk to farmers Rich Yang and Nicholas Cole of Under the Sun Hemp, where they just installed a drying facility. Read more

Episode 50: On this week’s show we discuss how this ancient crop, often harvested by hand, is a bright spot of ag innovation, and how some Lancaster County farmers already have the systems in place for a smooth transition to growing hemp. Read more

Episode 49: On this week's show we talk to Delaware Valley University biology professor Dr. Chris Tipping. A trained entomologist, Tipping has been involved with his university’s industrial hemp research program since its inception in 2017. Read more

On episode 45, we talk to Corey Fitze, COO of Pennsylvania Hemp Research, a private cannabis testing company in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Then we review PDA’s latest letter to hemp permit holders which is intended to clarify their last letter, which really confused some CBD growers. And finally we recap the very well-attended hemp field day at the Penn State research farm near Landisville. Read more

On this week's podcast we talk to Dr. Steve Groff of Groff North America, a hemp processor in York County, Pennsylvania, that is bringing HempTrain technology to its Red Lion processing center. Groff shares breaking news about Groff North America’s recent acquisition. Read more

What happens when a nearby farm that’s growing seed and fiber crops accidentally pollinates your CBD operation? Hopefully, you'll never find out, because the result would  be your losing a big chunk of your profits. Or what if it was your farm that accidentally pollinated someone else’s crop? You might find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit. Read more