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COEXIST Build is a design firm owned and operated by wife and husband team Anastasiya Konopatskaya and Drew Oberholtzer whose focus is on designing healthy, environmentally friendly buildings and supplying the industry with healthy building materials, such as hempcrete blocks and hemp batt insulation.

We first interviewed Ana and Drew in 2019 when they had teamed up with Cameron McIntosh of Americhanvre Hemp Cast to create the Hemp House on Wheels, a small hempcrete structure built on a double-axle trailer that they’ve taken to hemp shows and architecture conferences around the country in order to showcase the benefits of building with hemp and to give people a chance to experience the feeling of being inside a hemp structure firsthand.

Since 2019 the couple have been busy expanding their business. They have developed and sell a pre-cast block made of hempcrete and are the US distributor of Hemp Blanket Batt Insulation, a replacement for fiberglass insulation made in Canada.

On this episode, they unveil their latest offering: a backyard cabin/home office kit called the Traveler. It’s a 140 square foot DIY kit made from environmentally-friendly materials including hempcrete.

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