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This week we talk to Courtney Moran LL.M., chief legislative strategist at Agricultural Hemp Solutions, a group that is lobbying Congress to secure a science-based legal hemp concentration limit of 1% THC in the definition of hemp.

Moran has been active in hemp policy for nearly a decade and was part of the team with Senator Mitch McConnell that drafted the original hemp language in the 2018 Farm Bill. She says there was much discussion then about the arbitrary nature of the .3% THC limit, but that now is the time to raise the limit to 1% for the sake of the farmer and the success of the industry.

“The key piece to all of this,” she said, “is farmers first. If we don’t protect our farmers and secure a solid path for them, then we don’t have a crop to enter into the supply chain, we don’t have a value chain. And so while there are a lot of issues we’re dealing with – with processing, with end products, with FDA – we have to be cognizant of what’s happening in the field with the farmers.”

Agricultural Hemp Solutions has recently launched the Crossroads Campaign which aims to lessen the legal burdens and economic hardship for farmers and hemp agribusinesses by addressing the common concerns with the USDA IFR, specifically 15-day harvest window, non-representative sampling methodologies, mandatory testing of every lot, DEA registered labs, and an arbitrary negligence THC threshold.

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