On this week’s podcast we talk to hemp pioneer Eric Steenstra about the upcoming Hemp Openspace event to be held virtually on December 8, 2021. Hemp Openspace offers hemp entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and industry leaders the chance to collaborate and work on the issues that will move the industry forward.

"The goal is really to bring people together, to let people share ideas and solutions," Steentra said. "Things that they're dealing with in their business or challenges that they're facing and to try to crowdsource ideas and solutions from other people within the within the audience."

Steenstra has been active in the hemp space for nearly 30 years, first as an entrepreneur in the hemp textile arena, then as co-founder of VoteHemp, a group that was instrumental in getting hemp into the 2014 and 2018 farm Bills.

We talk to Streenstra about what attendees can expect from the Hemp Openspace event, plus we hear about his nearly 3 decades as a hemp advocate, and where the industry is heading in 2022.

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