Episode 52: On this week’s show, we talk to Tara Caton, the research coordinator at the Rodale Institute where she is the leader of the industrial hemp research trials. The institute is studying the weed suppression benefits of industrial hemp when it’s added into crop rotation and no-till farming. They are also looking at which varieties do best in Pennsylvania for fiber and grain.

Then we talk to organic hemp farmer Eric White, also known as the Wild American. His hemp farm in the Poconos has had some issues with European corn borer this summer. He talks about those pests and explains his creative plans for marketing his crop.


Rodale Institute Hemp Research

VIDEO: Rodale's 2017 Hemp Trials

Eric White's story as told to Drew and Cameron on The Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast

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According to USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, farmers in New York had planted, as of May 10, 29% of their barley (23% in 2019), 8% corn (less than 5% in 2019), 36% oats (26% in 2019), 17% onions (16% in 2019), and no soybeans (the same in 2019). Read more