This week’s podcast is the Steve Groff episode. Not only do we talk to cover crop pioneer Steve Groff from Cedar Meadow Farm in Holtwood, Lancaster County, where he’s growing hemp and launching a brand of CBD products for people and pets, but we also check back in with Dr. Steve Groff from Groff North America and Wyndridge Farm in York County.

Farmer Steve Groff explains how he is prepping his fields for this year’s growing season, what kinds of cover crops work best for hemp production, and what it's been like to launch his own line of CBD products.

And then Dr. Steve Groff gives us an update on the HempTrain processing machine – the first of it’s kind in the US – and how they’ve moved the machine to Belleville, Pennsylvania, where they are working with a company called MKB that specializes in handling biomass. Groff also talks about his work in cannabinoid therapy and medical marijuana.

Plus hemp news nuggets and a few more details about the upcoming Lancaster Farming Hemp road Trip planned for this summer.


Cover Crop Coach Steve Groff

Groff North America

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Wyndridge Farm

New Nuggets

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‘Hemp train’ leaves Fresno for Denver, first legal railroad shipment to cross state lines in 84 years

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Penn State Extension Hemp Webinar, May 17

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