Hemp farmer and author of the new book, "American Hemp Farmer: Adventures and Misadventures in the Cannabis Trade," Doug Fine is our guest this week. He talks about his new book, which offers a whole lot of practical advice to hemp farmers, told with humor and urgency, about climate change mitigation through regenerative farming practices and values. He talks about the arbitrary nature of the 0.3% THC limit in hemp and why THC irrelevancy is a worthwhile and attainable goal for farmers. He describes his efforts to build his own hemp brand and why value-added small batch hemp is the way to go for hemp farmers. He also tells us what agrarian-philosopher and writer Wendell Berry told him when he left a message on Doug’s answering machine. All this and more, plus Hemp News Nuggets.

Hemp News Nuggets

Texas Is Sued For Banning the Sale of ‘Smokable’ Hemp Products

New York hoped for a hemp boom. Now another major player has dropped out

Great Eastern Hemp pulls out of Southern Tier processing plans

Chuck Schumer’s Letter to USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue


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