Three Voices: Technology, Regulations & Processing

Episode 59: This week’s show is divided into three parts.

First we talk to Joshua Decatur, CEO of Trace, a Vermont-based technology company that is building a block-chain based application that will help standardize and verify hemp crop information, making a crop easily traceable from farm to processor and beyond, and thereby eliminating law enforcement’s inability to differentiate hemp from THC cannabis.

Second, we talk to hemp farmer Bryson Clark from Horseheads, New York, who shares his concerns that the new USDA hemp regulations will severley limit farmers’ ability to grow a high quality crop next year.

And finally we hear from Dr. Steve Groff of Groff North America, the company that is bringing the first HempTrain processing technology to the United States. The HempTrain has arrived and Groff North America will soon begin processing the 2000 acres of hemp that they contracted farmers to grow in 2019.

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