Seth Crawford, co-founder of Oregon CBD, is Lancaster Farming’s guest on this week’s Industrial Hemp Podcast.

The hemp seed production and breeding company has just made triploid hemp commercially available.

In plant breeding, triploids are not new. It’s a technique that lets breeders create seedless varieties of plants that cannot be pollinated — think seedless watermelons and seedless grapes.

But in hemp, a seedless variety that cannot be pollinated is a game-changer. The implications for the industry are staggering, according to Crawford.

“Being able to have grain production and have cannabinoid production and have fiber production requires that you don’t have cross-pollination or contamination,” he said. “And there wasn’t really a way of ensuring that until we were able to put these triploids out. So now you can truly have multiple use crops and be able to plant them really close to each other without having any negative impact.”

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