Podcast episode 32 goes to Barto, Pennsylvania — to Wildfox Farm — where Ben and Karah Davies own and operate what two years ago was simply an organic produce and pastured meat farm. But the farm is now also a leader of industrial hemp growth in eastern Berks County.

For first year hemp growers, this conversation with Ben Davies should be enlightening and helpful, especially for those growing for CBD. Davies grew hemp for the first time last year and has stories to tell — stories about getting seeds and spacing the plants in the field, the challenges of third party testing and family bonding during the weeks’ long harvest, and driving cross-state with a U-Haul full of fragrant hemp bales. It’s rare glimpse into the early days of hemp in Pennsylvania.

Wildfox Provisions is the name of the farm’s hemp operation, and Davies said the company is building a farmer collective in order to train nearby farmers. “They are all fully equipped to succeed,” Davies said during the podcast interview. He said they already have the tools they need to do well with hemp and that they “already know how to grow it -- but they just don’t know it yet.”

Get the whole story and more, plus hemp industry news, including a request for yield data to help develop a federal crop insurance program.

Here’s the link to the crop yield data form to that will help in the development of a federal crop insurance program that was mentioned in the show:

Learn more about Wildfox Provisions: